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Gutter QueenPin: Girl Who Shivers Always Delivers

Spend time in the Gutter, and you know that it's full of creatives, innovators, and artists. Just peek at the ideas emerging for the Puffer Fashion Showcase, and you'll see the cutting-edge spirit that thrives in the Gutter Cat Gang.

This Queenpin, technͭoͤvͨeͪins (@GirlWhoShivers), is a multi-hyphenate in the Gang, bringing a convergence of creative, innovative, and artistic badassery to the Gutter: she designed her own collection, hypnos, and is a key member of the community's Gutter Arcade Team. Plus, she's a Gang OG!

Girl Who Shivers has been with the Gang since mint, when her artist friend, Gutter Sam (@lifeinthegutter), shot her a DM, “Check out this project!!” With the Gang, she found a community and identity that she had a connection with.

She said, "Not only was GCG's aesthetic entirely new to Web3, but it was also a unique brand as a whole. A dystopian, run-down city that never sleeps. Something that could uniquely exist on Adult Swim. Gritty, apocalyptic, with a strong & stylistic direction in fashion." In addition to the strong community, Girl Who Shivers thinks that this cultural connection and the art are why the Gutter has "staying power to this day."

Her belief in the Gang is evident in her extensive collection: she's #59 on the Gutterboard, with 6 Cats, 7 Rats, 2 Pigeons, and 4 Dogs, plus 13 D1 Clones!

Last Caturday, Girl Who Shivers put her crew on display, and gt_dog (@gt_dog84) tweeted, "Thats a mean lineup! #GangGang"

Girl Who Shivers said she's "made an unexpectedly large array of friends in GCG," and been able to bring her art to represent the Gutter, with Gang that believe in her work.

One example of that belief is evident from GutterDoug.eth (@GutterDoug_) who tweeted a picture of a beer can and said, "Welcome to the family, @GirlWhoShivers is the best she made the first @GutterCatGang to be on a beer can look fking fire."

Other Gutter friends have emerged through her work with Gutter Arcade. She started working with vel.eth (@Velcrafting), given their passion for gaming and love of nostalgia. She's now drawing and animating sprites, and creating character designs for Streets of Gutter, a new Gutter Arcade game. Girl Who Shivers has "been nerding out with the team as we design a consistent look and feel for the arcade's games, something we've dubbed the GutterGear."

She got props from MagnumAPI (@amazzara1), who said, "Congratulations @GirlWhoShivers on your outstanding efforts in supporting Community First! Your creativity, assistance, and professionalism will make a significant impact on the community. Keep up the great work!"

Girl Who Shivers continues to be bullish on the Gutter, and would "love to see swag for long-term holders and a reward system for those using their IP to amplify the brand." If the late Jan Gutter FM Twitter Space offers any insights, IP will be a strong Gutter focus in 2023.

The Gang looks forward to Girl Who Shivers' art in the upcoming Streets of Gutter, and celebrating this Gutter Queenpin on Caturday and every day! Gang Gang!

Follow @guttercattimes for more spotlights on GCG members and their contributions to the Gutter!

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