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Gutter Gets Stylish: Puffer Fashion Showcase Seeks Designs

Gang Gang from the Gutter!

On this Trilogy Tuesday, the Gutter is out in full form showing off their sexy trios: OGs, D1, and D2 clones, with and without clothes. But trilogies aren't the only fashion "must have" of the season, Gang.

Gutter Arcade (@gutterarcade_) is calling on artists, designers, and creatives from the Gang and other communities to enter its Puffer Fashion Showcase! The competition, which launched recently, has prizes that include the top 3 designs getting made into a limited run luxury puffer jacket!

Yesterday, Gutter Arcade tweeted, "Rule Summary:

  1. Make a creative & original Puffer jacket design.

  2. Place it on a Gutter species.

  3. Post it on Twitter.

  4. Tag @thepuffergang & #PufferFashionShowcase.

  5. Win.

Full details can be found at:"

Submissions for the contest close on March 24th, and the Puffer Gang Community will select their top 10 designs.

The Gutter Cat Gang community will then narrow the field to 5 through a voting process, and the judges - led by Alfredo Settimio (who founded The Great China Wall, a workwear company known for its jackets and hoodies) will select the winner.

The Gang is already getting their inner designers on, with Joubrel (@iamMRJOUBREL) tweeting, "Don’t miss out on this --- got a few designs im putting out! Come join the fun and let your imagination run wild"

Imaginations have started to run wild, with ThatParlayGuy.eth (@ThatParlayGuy) sharing his crown-wearing Rat clone looking dapper and tatted in a Black Puffer Jacket.

Case (0xCase_eth) is also getting in on the action, tweeting, "Time for Puffer Bellies to shine! Yes, this is my submission...I have limited computer-ing skills. I will demand a recount when not selected." His design includes his VR Cat in a half-puffer, showing its belly. #Breathable.

And even the renowned Banana Rat is showing off a design, tweeting, "From the mind of the Banana Rat..." This design is a yellow Puffer with a hoodie modeled by a Banana Rat with spider-legs.

Keep those Puffer imaginations running and keep the designs coming, Gang!

The @guttercattimes will continue to follow the Puffer Fashion Showcase as it plays out! Gang Gang!

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