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GUTTER HITS THE SHELVES: Grab Your Copy Of "The Last Lab Rat" By GCG's Own GWTheLabRat! Find Out More:

From the streets of the Gutter to the shelves of your local bookstore, this Rat is making his big debut!

The Gutter Cat Gang is celebrating one of their own, as Gutter author G.W.'s (@GWtheLabRat) novel was released, introducing the world to Gutter City and its various species!

"We are now live on Amazon," G.W. tweeted. "Copies are being shipping out with a delivery as early as this Friday. Search The Last Lab Rat Book and secure a copy today! It has taken me 2 years to get this to print. I hope the gang enjoys this story as much as I do."

The Gutter Cat Gang community hit the TL to show off their purchases of "The Last Lab Rat," and support for G.W. and Gutter IP!

Kehoe said, "You know I ordered mine, gotta support the homie." Stonedalpha tweeted, "Did some gang shit on Amazon today and picked up @GWtheLabRat new book."

And Big Lou, an OG an member of the Gold Jacket Gang showed TF up, saying: "Just finished the legends @GWtheLabRat book. Honored to be in it , was a great read Enjoy the rat pfp for a bit Gang Gang."

Check out some of the support from the Gang below:

As the Gutter Cat Times previously reported, this is the first full length novel using Gutter IP to hit the shelves, and G.W. is working on two more books in the series!

He told the GCT, "I'll be coming back to the community after the release of book one to see if anyone has characters that they may want featured. Keep your eye out for my callouts on X!"

G.W. will also be making the rounds on socials, and will be joining Burningthru (@0xSavvy) on Caturday Night Live on 4/27 at 10PM EST! Come on out and hang with this Gang Gang author!

Congrats on the book, and don't forget to grab your Gutter copy now!

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to follow The Last Lab Rat and Gutter's creators. Follow along for more from the Gutter @guttercattimes on X.

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