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Hold The Gold: Gutter's Gold Jacket Gang Shine, Crush FUD

Gang Gang from the Gutter!

For some people, the weekend might be a time to chill, maybe take a nap or read a good book.

But those people are NOT in the Gutter's Gold Jacket Gang, 'cause this weekend was a time to TURN IT TF UP IN ALL OF THEIR GOLD JACKET GLORY.

In the words of Big Lou (@BigLouGutter), "Gold jackets had been quiet for too long. It was time for us to shine through the FUD."

They're shining, alright. And the Gutter is here for it.

Big Lou joined the Gang in August, 2021. At the time he was looking for a grail cat, but was short on ETH, grabbed Gold Jacket Rat #2185, and never looked back.

GCG is lucky that Big Lou stuck with his 7-trait Rat and his Gang Gang loyalty, so that we could get Twitter gems like this: "IF YOU'RE NOT BULLISH ON THE GANG IM SORRY BUT WE ARE BRICKED UP WITH BULLISHNESS OVER HERE. GANG MFIN GANG. IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT GO LOOK AT YOUR TEDDY BEARS."

Big Lou isn't only crushing FUD; he's bringing his positive vibes by lifting up Gang purchases, too.

On March 10th he shouted out, KenMalibuArt (@KenMalibuArt), for picking up a Gutter Pigeon: "KEN FROM THE BU PAID CUZ HE GOT MONEY!" He also tweeted, "JSTWYNN IS THE CAPTAIN NOW" after Puffer Gang member jstwynn.eth (@jstwynn) grabbed a Captain's Hat Gutter Cat.

As Woof Dunkerton (@WoofDunkerton) tweeted, "When the Gutter needed him most, @BigLouGutter is putting on for the gutter rn."

Big Lou isn't a Gold Jacket solo act, though. He shouted out MinCash (@Mincashftw), T-dogg.eth (@gutter_dogg), ilovethecats.eth (@Pkehoe82), Skooby.eth (@cryptoskooby) and Squiddlydiddily.eth (@Squiddlydidily). The Gutter Cat Times caught up with a couple of the Gold Jackets to get the scoop on how they bring their shine to the Gang.

MinCash joined the Gang in the fall of 2021. He landed on Gold Jacket Pigeon #472 for a pfp in 2022. He said, "BigLou, T-dogg and some of us that have held gold jackets for a while...have become good friends and tried to have some fun," even as more flippers have come into the NFT space.

Some of that fun was evident over the past few days, as MinCash tweeted, "I think I'm starting to feel the reversal in my loins @BigLouGutter." And, he added: "Gold Jacket Gang out here this weekend getting things back on track."

He wants to see the Gang have a good time and be themselves,"regardless of what those on the outside looking in perceive." MinCash said that the Gold Jackets are "unlikely to ever be as organized as @r0seNY and the Puffer gang, but there’s definitely a role for us to fill and we’re here for it."

ilovethecats.eth (@Pkehoe82) is here for it, too. He rocks Gold Jacket Pigeon #2202, after originally getting into the Gang with D1 Clones. For him the Gold Jackets are "here to prop the community up even more and keep the FUD out...and keep the Gutter safe" from web3 negativity.

He added, "Keep an eye out because we as a group see that there is strength in numbers. You see us in Discord, you see us on Twitter. Gold jackets are coming."

We see you coming, Gold Jacket Gang. Stick tf around, 'cause the vibes are real, for real, and bring some fun to the whole Gutter community. Gang Gang!

Follow @guttercattimes on Twitter for all things Gutter, all the time.

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