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Gutter Hits The Court: Game Today & Exclusive Behind The Scenes Of TBT From GCG's NoFreakingTime!

The Gutter Cats' are gearing up for Game 3 of The Basketball Tournament today, which kicks off at 12PM ET on ESPN2 and ESPN+.

Gutter Cat Gang community can grab their pom poms and uniform jerseys, and hang with the Gang in Discord to cheer on the team!

"Team Gutter Cats takes the court for Game 3 in the @thetournament against @TBT_Louisville today at Noon ET. Tune in on @ESPNPlus and come hang in our Discord for the game," the Gutter Cat Gang tweeted earlier.

Beyond the Discord, though, there's lots happening on the ground of this 64-team, single-elimination 5-on-5 tournament that has a winner-take-all $1 Million prize!

The Gutter Cat Times spoke with GCG's Head of Projects & Partnerships, NoFreakingTime (@NoFreakingTime), who's on the ground in Louisville reppin' the Gang and cheering on the team!

She told the GCT, "Being here for the team was critical for us this year, and we had a lot more time to plan for it. The TBT team really has it together, and the management is top tier. We are so excited for the next game!" The picture below of NoFreakingTime and Gutter Dan was taken after the team's first dub!

Earlier in the week, during a team practice, the Gutter Cat Gang "was able to gift the entire Gutter Cats team with GutterMelos. The excitement during the unboxing was electric."

She added, "My favorite moment was when our forward Dewayne Jackson yelled across the court 'GUTTER GOT THAT BUTTER!!!'. Definitely working that one into my daily." The photo below is the team's GM/Assistant Coach Mike Martin with his new kicks.

In addition to the excitement of supporting the team on the ground, NoFreakingTime is also connecting with Gang community members, too!

She told the GCT, "I had breakfast at a waffle house with @SDwSniper and we talked all things web3: goal setting, mindset, how to make it through the tough times, and ate some fire hash browns before giving him a peek at the GutterMelos!"

NoFreakingTime added, "I also got to meet one of my old GAINZ crew, @daddoingbest,

who brought his fan out to the game!"

"Always great to meet gangers and others who are active in the space," she said.

Thanks to NoFreakingTime for the on the ground pics!

Tune in to the game at 12PM ET on ESPN+ and ESPN2 today to get your Gutter on, and hop in the Discord to chill with the community!

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to bring you updates from TBT and news from the streez and courts of the Gutter. Follow along @guttercattimes on Twitter.

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