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Ready To Rock: Get In The Gutter Spirit With A Team Gutter Cats' Uniform!

Break out your foam finger and GCG spirit, 'cause the Gutter Cats are hitting the court today for ESPN's The Basketball Tournament!

When they take the floor at 2PM ET, they'll be rocking uniforms designed by Brett Maurer (@brettmaurer), the Gutter Cat Gang's Associate Creative Director, who previously designed uniforms for the Miami Heat!

Gang can head to the official TBT online store to rock the jerseys and shorts that Brett designed: Check out the rad jersey and shorts below!


The Gutter Cat Times reached out to Brett to get the inside scoop on the uniform design.

He said, "I made a few, and that was by far my favorite. I'm happy it made it to the final uni!"

Brett added, "This year we continued to use throwback 90s uniforms as our inspiration. We utilized the trim more than last year, providing a custom cat head pattern. We also created a new font in order to get a custom number set."

As the Gutter Cat Times previously reported, the team's uniforms were originally teased on June 12th as GutterMelo wallpaper for phones, Twitter banners, and desktops.

The Gutter Cat Gang then confirmed these as the team's official uni's on July 13th.

Stoked to see the Gutter Cats' team rock these dope jerseys on ESPN later today. Head over to the official link to pick up your Gutter Cats' gear.

Good luck to the team! Gang Gang!

The Gutter Cat Times will be following all TBT action and bring you the latest from the court and from the Gutter. Follow us @guttercattimes on Twitter.

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