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Gutter Glory: GCG Member Rob & His Son Witness Caturday Comeback At TBT Yesterday!

Gutter Cat Gang community member Rob (@throb81) and his son witnessed Gang Gang glory yesterday as they sat courtside in Louisville during the Gutter Cats' third game in ESPN's The Basketball Tournament (TBT).

A nail-biter 'til the end, the Gutter Cats clawed to victory over The 'Ville, taking the "W" in an Elam Ending with a score of 64-62!

"I'm still shaking!" Rob told the Gutter Cat Times, just moments after the dub.

"Thanks @brandonforman @gutterdan_ @NoFreakingTime for the most amazing seats. Thanks to @coach_team @32Tyhines @qj_peterson @J_Ed31 and the rest of the guys for making a 7 year old feel like he was on the Team. You have fans for life wherever you go next. Now go get that Ship!" he tweeted last night, following the team's electric victory.

NoFreakingTime shared with the Gutter Cat Times, "I was so excited that @throb81 made it in with his kiddo and they were able to sit courtside with the team. Quite an experience being that close up. I saw them signing away their lives on the TBT waivers in case they get plowed over by a player." Luckily, they made it out unscathed and were hyped by the win!

Rob said, "The game was insane. A big, rowdy crowd, all cheering against us. Calls seemed to lean to Louisville. It felt like Wichita last year all over again." He added, "I can't believe how many stops we got at the end, and I'm still unsure how we pulled that win off. The guys just never stopped grinding. They truly embodied the Gutter today."

Rob also embodies the Gutter, joining the GCG in the Fall of 2021 and working his way from 1 OG Cat to 5, reaching Kingpin status.

Last year, he went to NFT NYC and GutterCon, sharing, "Would love for the GCG to continue to be able to do things like that...and continue to build their partnership with PUMA - maybe see more Gutter x PUMA clothing popping up."

He also understands that events require a revenue stream and it's currently a hard environment for brands to navigate. "I'm Gutter for life," he said, "I'll continue to support them as they navigate it."

Stoked to see you and your son experience that once-in-a-lifetime Gutter Cat win! Gang Gang!

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to follow The Basketball Tournament, community members, and all things Gutter.

Follow us @guttercatimes on Twitter for more news from the courts and streetz.

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