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Gutter Cats Claw Back For The "W," Dan Celebrates In The Dogpile, & GCG Goes To Quarter Finals!

Holy smokes, and Gang MF Gang!

The Gutter Cat Gang sponsored team is all grit and no quit, clawing back in The Basketball Tournament (TBT) for the "W" today in a nail-biter of a game with a final score of 64-62!

"WHAT A GAME! Once again, we pulled through and our team showed their resilience. This team is fucking special. See y’all Monday night, 7/31 at 9 PM EST on ESPN," Gutter Dan tweeted.

The Gutter Cats were trailing The 'Ville 55-56 when the Elam Ending started. In the 4th Quarter, TBT's Elam Ending calls for the game clock to be shut off, and a Target Score is set by adding 8 points to the leading team’s score. The first team to reach the Target Score wins.

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to Gang who attended the game live to get their "on the ground" experience of the team's heart-pounding win!

NoFreakingTime, Gutter's Head of Projects & Partnerships, said, "Dan in the team dogpile was not on my bingo card!"

She shared, "Dan and I kept saying it was going to be tough with the Louisville crowd there to cheer their team on, and man...the hecklers were BRUTAL. But we just kept saying, 'Can't wait to silence this crowd.' And then we did."

Gutter Dan told the Gutter Cat Times, "It still feels surreal. Can’t believe we were able to pull that off, but I’m not surprised with this group. The GMs did an amazing job of assembling a team of veteran ball players, and I admire their resiliency."

He said, "I’m grateful I was at that game in particular. Many are calling it the best ending/comeback in a heavyweight game like this in TBT history. It was an amazing moment!"

NoFreakingTime added, "You can see us jump up and give each other a big gang hug right after that winning shot by Eddie. Man, it felt so good. We were all just SO EXCITED to hit that win!!!"

NoFreakingTime was also stoked that other GCG members made it to Louisville for the game: "I was so excited that @throb81 made it in with his kiddo and they were able to sit courtside with the team. Quite an experience being that close up!"

Immediately following the win, Rob (@throb81), told the Gutter Cat Times, "I'm still shaking!"

Heading into Monday's game, Gutter Dan said, "The team is going to handle business as usual. Practice and prepare for our next opponent, Bleed Green. These guys are professionals so they take care of business. Excited for Monday night!"

Stay tuned for more on the ground insights from the Gutter community as we re-cap this exciting Gang Gang win and look ahead to the quarter finals on Monday, 7/31 at 9PM ET.

Follow us @guttercattimes on Twitter for more from the TBT and all things Gutter, all the time.

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