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Gutter Fashion Hits The Runway: Puffer Gang x Gutter Arcade Launch Design Competition

Gang Gang and Happy Caturday from the Gutter!

The Puffer Gang x Gutter Arcade, through their Community 1st initiative, are inviting designers to tap into their inner Puffer creativity!

Yesterday, MagnumAPI tweeted, "We're showcasing the best designers from our community as well as any participants with dope ideas for a Puffer Jacket design. From March 10th - March 31st, we'll be hosting a competition you won't want to miss. Your designs will be reviewed by a panel led by renowned fashion designer Alfredo Settimio! FULL DETAILS:"

Immediately, Gang responded with excitement: Noah (@mauloadream) tweeted, "Dope!!" and Dr. Leo (@DrDicatrio) replied, "This is really cool."

What's also really cool is that the "finalists will have their design produced as a limited run Puffer Jacket!" The Puffer Fashion showcase attracted fashion designer Alfredo Settimio, a professional colleague of MagnumAPIs.

Settimio, who founded The Great China Wall, a workwear company known for its jackets and hoodies, has also been a lead designer for Harley-Davidsion and collaborated with Supreme, a brand linked to skate culture.

Submissions for the contest close on March 24th, and the Puffer Gang Community will select their top 10 designs. The community then gets a chance to narrow the field to 5 through a voting process, and the judges - led by Settimio - will select the winner.

In true Community 1st and Puffer spirit, prizes will be awarded, and include the GGCG Reward Token (Greater Gutter Community Gold, an off-chain coin).

1st Place:

  • design will be made into a limited run luxury puffer jacket

  • 750 $GGCG Reward Tokens the equivalent to a KingPin or $500 USD

2nd Place:

  • design will be made into a limited run consumer quality puffer jacket

  • 300 $GGCG Reward Tokens or $200 USD

3rd Place:

  • design will be made into a limited run consumer quality puffer jacket

  • 150 $GGCG Reward Tokens or $100 USD

What are you waiting for?! Channel your inner Puffer and innovate! Gang and others can check out for additional details, and reach out to @gutterarcade_, @r0seNY, and @velcrafting for more information. Gang Gang!

The @guttercattimes will follow this contest and bring news and updates to the Gutter.

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