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Building Community, No Matter What Your PFP: Gutter Arcade Town Hall Download

Gang Gang from the Gutter!

Lots going on in the Gang this week! Yesterday, on 2/28, Gutter Arcade held a Town Hall to bring the Gang and others into what they've created, what's next, and what their bigger vision is.

As many know, Gutter Arcade went live in early February, and is a Puffer Gang x Community First initiative to build community, have fun, and bring value to the Gang and others.

In a tweet about the Town Hall, Gutter Arcade (@gutterarcade_) shouted out community members who donated prizes, won prizes, gave feedback. and supported the initiative with playing time. They highlighted that the arcade has had "over 6-months of game time in the first 30 days."

During the Town Hall, hosted by @velcrafting, @r0seNY, and @gutterbeats_eth, Vel and r0seNY emphasized that "we're not about pfps" and are building for everyone -"Apes, Hypnos, Alphabettys, Clones, Mutants, and people in adjacent communities." They said that "having multiple people's ideas makes the whole greater than the sum of its parts."

The team behind Community First and the arcade conceived of the idea in December, 2022, so the Gang and others could "show off talent and harness their own value." The @gutterarcade_ Twitter account launched on February 6th and now has over 1k followers, showing that the community values them, too!

r0seNY and Vel gave updates on what's next, including a new website, easier log in, better mobile access, and "more flex for art and music."

They've just launched a game called, "Conssstruction," which is "snake, but with a Gutter twist." Ayyylien Boss (@AYYYliens_nft), who developed the game, tweeted, "My first contribution to @gutterarcade_ is now live at Check it out! Conssstruction."

The Gang and others jumped in to play, and TomSeko (@seko_tom) tweeted, "Works smooth...Cool!"

r0seNY highlighted the brand and vision, which "prioritizes the needs and development of web3 community and seeks to empower and strengthen it..." They will introduce GGCG, "Greater Gutter Community Gold," which is an "off-chain coin," and "golden ticket to everything." The coin can be used in the arcade (think: Chuck E. Cheese) or IRL events, and r0seNY told the Gutter Cat Times that more information will be available soon.

The next big game after Conssstruction is "Streets of Gutter," which includes art by technͭoͤvͨeͪins (@GirlWhoShivers). Vel called it, "some of the best sprite art," which is two-dimensional and looks pixelated.

Streets of Gutter is a modern take on an arcade classic, and will include 4 chapters. There's a character, Ugh, who is a clone rat. Vel said, "He has an impactful punch, and you don't want to be on the receiving end."

r0seNY and Vel added that the "team has a lot of passion and is scrappy," and want to help people feel connected to what they're doing: "We want others to shine."

Activations will get off the ground in the next week or two, and r0seNY dropped a teaser that March Madness will tie in somehow.

Gutter Cat Gang and all other communities should head over to, take a shot at Conssstruction, and stay tuned for what's coming next! Gang Gang!

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