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Come Play with Gutter Arcade: March Madness Pool & New Discord

Gang Gang from the Gutter!

For over a month, Gutter Arcade (@gutterarcade_) has been igniting the Gang's competitive spirit through twists on nostalgic games, and prizes ranging from @GutterPrints vouchers to a big screen TV!

At Gutter Arcade's recent Town Hall, the team shared their longer term vision, which includes new games, activations, and an "off chain coin," that will be used in the arcade or for IRL events.

On March 5th, Gutter Arcade tweeted, "We finally did it.. With everything we have going on, we came to terms with the fact a discord was needed. Good people and good information, together. Join the Gutter Arcade discord!"

Over 60 people have already joined the Gutter Arcade's Discord channel as of this writing. In the Discord, Gang and others can find information and links to Gutter Arcade's Website, newest "Conssstruction" arcade game, and its March Madness Survival Pool.

For Gang and others interested in unleashing their inner gambler, you're invited to participate in the Survival Pool, which is a pool with a maximum of 68 people, 0.025 ETH entry, and 1.5 ETH total prizes, including over 1 ETH to the winner.

Gutter Arcade's March 4th Tweet also provides a link to a Google Document that includes rules, instructions, and the entry form.

Gang and any community are welcome to join! Already Gang members have tweeted their excitement, with ben (@mavsfan0041) saying, "Let's gooooooo!" and Case del Carl (0xCase_eth) replying, "IN! Appreciate you all putting this together!"

What are you waiting for? Join Gutter Arcade Discord and jump into the March Madness Survivor Pool for some gutter fun and a chance to win! Gang Gang!

@guttercattimes will follow the pool as March Madness heats up!

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