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Gutter Exclusive: Gutter Arcade Is Powering Up, "Dopo" Launching Soon!

Gutter Arcade is leveling up, and Gutter Cat Gang community members will be able to trade-in a Clone for a dopo membership pass in about two-weeks!

The Gutter has been getting alpha recently, starting with Gutter Arcade's 5/25 Twitter Space, where r0seNY dropped heat about dopo, the next generation membership club developed by Community First x Gutter Arcade.

He said, "It's probably a decent idea to have a clone handy if you're interested in dopo."

As the Gutter Cat Times previously reported, the Gutter Arcade initiative launched in late January, 2023, via a Puffer Gang x Community First collaboration, with the goal to build community, have fun, and bring value to the Gang and others.

The team has already developed arcade games with prizes for the winners, and is now launching dopo, a next generation membership club.

During the 5/25 Twitter space, r0seNY indicated that Gang and other communities have "NFTs eligible for trade in that will cover membership costs." He explained that people will be able to mint a dopo gem, and earn by showing up and contributing, with "proof of contribution."

More recently, on 5/27, MagnumAPI, a member of the Community First team, tweeted: "The Gutter community stands strong, resilient, and united. Though the noise may have dimmed and the dreams may have shifted, our spirit remains unyielding. We adapt and evolve but always keep sight of our roots. There lies strength, determination, and an unwavering sense of belonging in the silence. Together, we continue to navigate the Alleys, creating a new narrative and reminding the world that the community is still here."

The picture MagnumAPI included gives an expanded view of one that Gutter Arcade has previous shared, and includes more hints for the Gang.

The scene includes the Gutter's Gutterboard leader @hittmannyc in the lower left corner, and an illuminated Puffer that appears to be r0seNY, and is surrounded by glowing lights. There's also an Elmo Fire meme reference, Wagmi-san, and Meebits at the bottom.

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to the Gutter Arcade x Community First Team, and a trusted inside source shared that dopo will be live in about "2-weeks," and that "Gutter Clones can be traded-in and give access to users, creators, developers, and more."

This Gutter insider said: "Dopo will have a tiered system and an immediate rewards system in place. There are agreements with incubators and accelerators to facilitate startup or bootstrap web3 projects, and skillset and community approval will play role."

Get hyped, Gang! Dopo is dope and it's coming our way. Gang Gang!

Stay tuned for more updates and info @guttercattimes as we bring you the latest news from the Gutter!

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