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What's Next?: Gutter Arcade 5/25 Twitter Space Recap!

Not even Twitter's glitchy tech could bring down Gutter Arcade's fun and games yesterday!

When Gutter Arcade x Community First team member and Twitter co-host vel.eth (@Velcrafting) was rugged, r0seNY forged ahead to update the community about "what's next" from the team and what the community can expect!

The space focused on four key updates:

  1. New Games Launching on Gutter Arcade

  2. Fashion Showcase Updates

  3. Gutter Cat Gang Winner

  4. What's Next (dopo), the New Community First x Gutter Arcade Initiative

For the Games: r0seNY said that the "community loved the puzzles," and Gutter Arcade is dropping another Puzzle that's "easily consumable," earning a 1-star difficulty rating.

Pizza, another new game, earns a 2-star difficulty rating, and is being build from scratch by @AYYYliens_nft: Cat + Skateboard + Pizza. Antics ensue.

Other games are in development (see graphic below). r0seNY said that the team is going to "find the savvy gamer, the casual gamer, the Zoomer and the Boomer," and invite people to try out emerging games. He invites the community to DM him if you want to be involved.

r0seNY added that he'll share more as info becomes available: "Since I'm on this space, you know it is very, very close!"

r0seNY looped back to the recent Puffer Fashion Showcase, highlighting the top 3 winning designers: TJ (@tjsretrowaveart), Flues (@flues_8), and technͭoͤvͨeͪins (@GirlWhoShivers).

"It was a tight competition the entire way through," he said. "We're happy with the variety we're going to have." They've been working with the designers to create technical drawings and connecting with manufacturers. Look for more info when it's closer to Puffer season!

"What's next?" or dopo, is the latest initiative by Community First x Gutter Arcade. It's a next generation membership club built on blockchain technology where creativity, collaboration, and community come together.

r0seNY said, "You'll have NFTs eligible for trade in that will cover membership costs." People will be able to mint a dopo gem, and "earn along the way." There will be "proof of contribution," and community will get "increased access into events and tournaments." By showing up and contributing, you'll be rewarded. There will be more info coming soon!

Importantly, r0seNY dropped alpha: "It's probably a decent idea to have a clone handy if you're interested in dopo."

The Twitter space closed out with Osi (@OsirisX69X), a GCG community member, winning his first OG Cat! Congrats, Gang!

Stay tuned for more from Gutter Arcade x Community First, and the unveiling of dopo, their latest initiative.

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to cover all things Gutter, from the team and community. Follow us @guttercattimes for more! Gang Gang!

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