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GUTTER DREAMS: GCG's Youth Basketball Team Excels On The Court And On The Blockchain

Although GCG's The Basketball Tournament (TBT) championship hoop dreams weren't realized this year, the Gutter's still got wins to celebrate!

The Gutter Cat Gang-sponsored high school team, Gutter Flight, has been putting on their Gutter game faces and grabbing some "Ws" in their Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) competitions!

"The Gutter Flight frosh did some work and came out on top this past weekend. Caught a few clips for the boys," Gutter Flight Basketball Club tweeted yesterday. Their dope clips of the players killin' it are set to the "Keep It Gutter" soundtrack.

As the Gutter Cat Times previously reported, Gutter Flight is a Gutter Cat Gang-sponsored Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) high school team and 501c3 non-profit created by Gutter brothers Paw (@Paw1239_) and Trapatouille (@TrapatouilleGCG).

The Gutter Cat Gang replied to their tweet, saying, "Proud to support youth basketball and the @GutterFlight AAU team!"

The GCT reached out to Gutter Flight for more info on the season, the players' web3 learning, and what's next for the team.

"We've done well during the AAU season, entering 5 tournaments and going 12-5 overall. We took home 2 tournament championships!"

Gutter Flight added, "The team has embraced the Gutter and web3 space. We had a gear day, where we handed out the jerseys, shirts, socks (Gutter Socks). We introduced them to the GCG and explained what the community/brand does and how they sponsored our team."

"We had another team meeting where we showed them Gutter City and we explored it together and showed them the many things in our ecosystem, including the Gutter Gives building and the Gutter Flight sponsorship."

They've also emphasized that "Gutter = Sports," and showed the players the GutterMelo video: "Just like you'd expect HS kids kids to do, they all got big-eyed and were excited. Def an 'oh sh*t" moment!"

At the next meeting with the families and players, Gutter Flight plans to show the power of the GCG community.

"We'll discuss the GutterMelo drop and show how the community (Founders included) rallied together to donate the GutterMelo shoes for our team. We're excited about this because we haven't told the team the details yet. Once the shoes arrive, we plan on doing a media shoot for the team so we can showcase the boys in the Gutter gear!"

"All in all, Gutter Flight has been a success for our first year and we are looking to expand to more teams for the 2024 season. We're planning to reach out to local businesses to create partnerships and bridge the web2/web3 gap, ways to keep the community involved, and identify other web3 perks we can provide our teams that no other AAU organization is doing," Gutter Flight told the Gutter Cat Times.

While Gutter Flight builds on the court, they also want to build in this web3 space with the Gutter Cat Gang. Stay tuned for more ways that the community can get involved!

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