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GUTTER DREAMS COME TRUE: GCG Member Bouncebackon1 Receives OG Cat From Mayor Noah! Find Out More Here:

Do you believe in miracles?!

Gutter Cat Gang member Bouncebackon1.eth (@BounceBackOn2) woke up today to a purr-fectly rad surprise in his wallet: his first OG Gutter Cat!

"Grand Miracle Rising The impossible has just become possible!!! Dreams being realized & manifested My 1st OG Cat. I wanna Thank @mauloadream 4 having a Dream & 4 pursuing it & Living it & I am soooo Very Glad 2B a part of Ur Dream. Very Humbled indeed. @GutterCatGang," he tweeted this morning, showing off his new 6-Trait Cat, #2725!

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to Bouncebackon1 to find out about how it felt to see this Gutter dream realized.

He explained, "I was watching the Dave Chappelle special, Dreamers. He talked about being a dreamer and recognizing when you are a part of someone else's dream. I thought it was special because I feel like the reason I made it out is because I started to change my dream and started pursuing it - the path towards freedom."

Bouncebackon1 compared his dream to the web3 ethos and the Gutter Cat Gang: "I thought of the GCG, and how it has withstood so much, and how I can't wait to complete my set."

He woke up briefly, checked Twitter, and saw a message from Mayor Noah asking for his ETH address: "I was shocked, thinking 'Oh man what could this be?'"

He then discovered Cat #2725 in his wallet! Check it out this 6-Trait feline below:

Bounce told the GCT, "How perfect the Cat is for me! Clean, naked Black and Grey Tiger Stripe with The Gutter Beats headphones."

He added, "Tears and different emotions came with this sense of peace. I just became part of Noah's dream even though this is my dream as well. I recognize his dream for the GCG is so much bigger than any of us and I wanna help in any way to support his dream and help every GCG member realize their dream as well, however big or small."

Mayor Noah tweeted, "Bounce inspires me. He only brings positive & uplifting vibes. His poetry is moving. He resembles what the Gutter is all about. No matter your past, you can make a better you. Channeling your energy into positivity & supporting others, that's Gutter. Bounce is Gutter."

Bounce celebrated his first Full Set Friday today, showing off his new crew and vibing out with beats by the community's own Gutter Records! Check it out here:

Congrats to Bounce on the latest addition to his Crew, and to being part of the Gutter dream!

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to follow the GCG community and all things Gang Gang! Follow us @guttercattimes on X for the word on the streets of the Gutter.

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