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Gutter Draft: Gutter Dan Shares OG Cat Prototype

Gang Gang from the Gutter!

An eventful weekend around the Gutter Cat Gang, with March Madness pidgy bets in the Puffer Gang and the Puffer Fashion Showcase heating up!

Yesterday, Gutter Dan (@gutterdan_) dropped some spicy GCG history on the Gang, with a tweet that said, "Some GUTTER history: This is the first ever @GutterCatGang draft. It was the most beautiful thing we'd ever seen. Grey normies hit different."

The "draft" is a Grey Fur OG Cat, with Yellow Eyes, on a Grey Background.

Gang were stoked to see this early iteration, with Gutter BTC (@GutterBTC) saying, "Really love seeing this type of stuff. Thank you for sharing! Gang Gang!"

Gutter Dan responded, "More to come."

SpaceMexManny (@SpaceMexManny) tweeted, "What a beauty" and HERMES (@HermesAurelius1) said, "Damn this is awesome"

And if the "draft" OG Cat wasn't heater enough, @GutterMitch dropped another tweet to Gutter Dan, suggesting that there were even earlier pre-Gutter Cat ideas: "Revisionist history Dan. You're forgetting about the Phat Cats..."

ben.gcg.eth (@mavsfan0041) pleaded, "Post the phat cats for the love of god." And Gutter Dan replied, "That'll be Part 2 of Gutter History next week."

Looking forward to more Gang Gang history lessons with Gutter Mitch and Gutter Dan! The Gutter Cat Times will follow along as they reveal more about the GCG's past.

Stay tuned to @guttercattimes on Twitter for all Gutter, all the time.

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