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Houston, We Have A Winner: r0seNY Wakes Up To New Pidgy

Gang Gang from the Gutter!

Lots of madness this March, both on the court and off!

Yesterday, The Gutter Cat Times reported on a Puffer Gang bet between M!KΞ (@mfhornjr) and r0se.puffergang.eth (@r0seNY).

These degens put Pigeons on the line in the NCAA Houston v. Auburn game. M!KΞ, who went to Auburn and picked them to win, bet his 4-trait Gutter Pigeon #400, with Pink Fur, Blue-Green Eyes, Dirty Bird Shirt, on a Blue Background.

r0seNY bet Pigeon #2417, a 5-trait with Platinum Fur, Ballin' Eyes, a Merch Hat, Jobs Shirt, and a White Background.

While the first half was tight, Houston pulled away in the second half, beating Auburn with a final score of 81 - 64.

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to the Puffers to see how they were taking the results.

M!KΞ said, "Tough L for sure. Can’t win 'em all!" And r0seNY shared, "I fell asleep 5 minutes after the Kansas game ended and woke up to a new bird in my wallet."

Congrats on the new bird, r0seNY, and let's see what other Gutter assets are up for grabs as March Madness continues! Gang Gang!

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