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GUTTER CITY ASSEMBLY RECAP: Highlights From GCG's 11/29 Space! Find Out More Here:

Vibes were high last night as the Gutter Cat Gang team launched November's Gutter City Assembly with a "Gang Gang!"

Captured below is a general recap of the topics discussed during the Space, which included:

  • Regaining access to the @GutterCatGang X account

  • Dropping a short animated film created by longtime Gutter members

  • Discussing the Team, GCG Community, Products, Clubs, & Merch

  • Community Questions

. For additional details, be sure give a listen to the recording here:

Gutter Cat Gang Account Access & Video:

The major announcement of the evening came just as the Space launched: after being locked out of the GCG account since late October, Gutter's main GCG X account is back in action! This news was accompanied by a banger video starring characters developed by longtime Gutter members Dave Kebo and TurhanTroyCaylak.

"We got our mfin account back, finally. Now on to business. Our mission is to bring creators together and deliver world class content and products with Gutter IP. It's time to ignite Gutter Clubs. Introducing Fez & Blaze Johnson GCG #69 Enjoy!"

Check out the video below:

Insights during the space on the video included these:

  • "One of the dopest clips! Turk, Kebo - f'in love these characters," Noah said. He emphasized bringing people together to create content under amazing IPs, stating, "I believe when we bring people in this community together in meaningful ways, and create platforms, this is the type of shit that comes out -- world class."

  • Turk said, "I just started building in the Gutter. I'm here to make it happen."

  • Dave explained, "I saw potential in the IP and this Gutter character. Blaze Johnson is an international pimp cat, and this is just the beginning."

Regarding Gutter's Team, the conversation highlighted the following:

  • "There's a balance of the team coming together, building processes, and getting tactics down," Noah stated.

  • Noah added that the team hasn't yet delivered something large for the community, but there are many things in flight

  • "We're narrowing our focus now, and spending time on delivering what's impactful for this community," Noah said.

  • The team is working to expand Gutter's visibility and reach. Smoothie said, "In the last two weeks, we've gone from 8k views and 6 GIFs to 60 GIFS and 50k views a day. We're bringing more eyes on the project."

Community engagement and benefit:

  • The GCG team is developing a Community council to receive ongoing feedback from holders. The team provided link to express interest, which is here and in Discord Announcements.

  • The GCG will be selecting 55 IP characters to showcase as part of a product launch. Interest can be expressed via the same Google Form linked here.

  • The GCG is gauging interest in an IRL event in LA and want to "experiment with ways to include community members," in leading and proposing ideas.

Products / IP:

  • Noah said, "We're excited about physical products we're working on. It's our mission to deliver world class products and we want to come out of gate with a cool physical and make sure GCG holders are part of it."

  • He highlighted leveraging IP of holders in meaningful way, while adding, "There needs to be benefit for holders, because you're helping to build this brand."

Gutter Clubs:

  • "Part of reason want to build in the Gutter is that they also help with marketability of the IP," Noah said. "Big brands will look at our data and analytics."

  • The team will work to curate Clubs, create content with community, and provide tools to support: "We're looking for leaders passionate about the Gutter and will identify tools that will help you to build."

  • Clubs will become open access rather than token-gated

  • "We want to take this to the next level and provide a platform through the Gutter website," Noah shared.


  • "The GCG has inventory left over from the prior founders as part of the acquisition," Noah mentioned.

  • Currently, there's a "fire sale" on what's on the site. What doesn't sell will be used for giveaways.

  • "We're not looking as revenue generator," Noah emphasized. "If you like the merch, great. We've cut costs 30 -50% if you want something Gutter."

Community Questions: questions that emerged from the community included the ones below, with brief responses --

  1. Do you plan to reward full sets? Cats?

Noah said, "The short answer is 'yes,' and in many ways. There are OG cats, OG species, Clones, trilogies, and full sets. We want to reward on that scale. Every activation will provide utility benefits to holders."

He added, "For an upcoming physical drop we're doing, you'll see special delineation for full set holders and on future ones too."

2. Cats and Rats are on ERC-1155. Are there plans to move to ERC-721?

Noah and Matt, Gutter's CTO said, "We gotta upgrade that shit."

As the space closed, Noah said, "Stay tuned. Once we get into mid-December, we're going to have things for the community and have larger activations. Everything we do we're thinking about how we bring fun to the community and benefit to people who hold the NFTs. Last month of the year maybe some projects slowing down, we're starting to fire on all cylinders!" Gang Gang!

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to bring you news from the Gutter and the team. Follow along @guttercattimes on X for all things Gang, all the time.

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