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COMING SOON TO A GUTTER NEAR YOU: This Cat Is Teaming Up With An Ape To Pull A Heist

Gang Gang from the Gutter and happy Sunday!

Get your popcorn ready, Gang! Yesterday, 4/15, Atrium (@AtriumNft) dropped more behind-the-scenes info about the Gutter Cat Gang x BAYC animated short film collab and the creators involved!

Atrium tweeted, "Learn about the people and team behind the upcoming animation for @kingpindao & @GTVPrimetime. Featuring characters and story from @TroyCaylak & @davekebo."

As the Gutter Cat Times reported earlier, Atrium is a blockchain-backed creative studio and artist platform. Together with GTVPrimetime x GCG's Kingpindao, Atrium is developing an animated short film.

The first GTVPrimetime video featuring Gutter characters was titled, "Beware the Gutter Guzzler," and debuted in September, 2022. That initial short showed Gutter dogs Spot and Bishop in Gutter City dining at McGutters; it's been viewed over 17.5k times.

Atrium has dropped a few teasers to the Gang and the Bored Ape Yacht Club so far. Here's what we know: the new film will include a Gutter Cat character, Blaze Johnson, and a BAYC character, Fez.

Fez is based on Bored Ape #4918 owned by TurhanTroyCaylak (@TroyCaylak). The Ape is a 6-Trait, with Black fur, Sad eyes, Leather Punk jacket, Fez, Phoneme Vuh mouth, and a Blue background.

Blaze is based on Gutter Cat #69, owned by thecosmicjoke.eth (@davekebo). The Cat is a 7-Trait, with Brown Fur, Squinted Green eyes, Whiskers, Afro, BTC necklace, Dalmatian Fur jacket, and Pink background.

The Gutter Cat Times and its sister paper, The Bored Ape Gazette, reached out to Anaroth (@Anaroth__), Head of Community at Atrium, @TroyCaylak, and @davekebo to get additional info on the film's plot and this cross-community collab.

@davekebo dropped the GCT exclusive alpha, sharing, "It's a short action comedy around a heist." He added that the film is "in the vein of classic action buddy comedies like Rush Hour or 48 Hours...We thought it would be fun to pair a shit talking Gutter Cat with a Turkish fez wearing immigrant Bored Ape. Antics ensue."

@davekebo added, "This film is pretty much done except for renders," and they're working to get it "across the finish line."

Anaroth said, "We're seeing a lot more cross community content, and it makes sense to include other communities in worlds you are building. While BAYC and GCG are featured in the don't need a whole project backing you to create incredible content." He added that a small group of people "made this happen," and should feel proud.

Although there's no "premier date" for the final film yet, Gang and BAYC can expect some Gang Gang excitement and sick animation, based on the early teasers shared by Atrium.

Stay tuned for more on this developing project and follow @guttercattimes and @BoredApeGazette for the latest and greatest news from the Gutter and the swamp.

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