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GUTTER FM RECAP: Get The Scoop On GCGs Team, GutterDev Twitter, & What's On The Horizon!

The Gutter was vibin' last night with a Gutter FM space featuring new members of the Gutter Cat Gang's team, conversation about the Twitter account, and what's ahead for the brand!

What follows is a high level recap of the space; for all of the details, check out the recording here:

As the Gutter Cat Times reported earlier, Mayor Noah recently announced new team members in Discord. During the space, those members shared additional information about their experience and backgrounds. Below is a table that reflects a summary of information provided:



Experience / Background

Hawl3y @Hawl3y


20+ years in Med Tech, leads large scale commercial application deployments for sales / marketing, oversees 4B division of 20B dollar company, entered web3

eLBizzle @ml_bizzle

Community Manager

Owned retail clothing store, customer service, social media marketing, partnership and vendor relations

​DaVinci @DaVinci_ADA

Community Manager

Been in the community since Clone drop, excited to be a part of the team and here for the Gutter community.

Andy @AndyJaneArmstr1

Production Manager

Involved in crypto for past 8 years, started with Rare Pizzas, worked at game production studio startup and Frogland, former professional athlete, manages processes, production management

Smoothie @rughospital

Creative Director

​20 years as an animator, director for Marvel and Tim & Eric; excited to build with the Gutter IP; has been animating them since mint and creating stories

Matt @AddressXception


20+ years software development, led team at Discovery Channel building mobile streaming platform; built Roku, Fire TV w/team; built ETF platform for banks, been in crypto since 2013; involved in Rare Pizzas and built with Frogland. Sees opportunity for Gutter to break out of web3 echo chamber.

Gutter Cat Times @guttercattimes

Communications + Community Events Director

​25+ years leading education/business organizations; Chief Learning Officer supporting entrepreneurs building businesses, and creating systems and structures. Comms experience: 20+ years writing content for websites, blogs, articles, journals, press releases. In Gutter since Aug 2021, and started GCT 11 months ago to amplify community.

Tony @GutterPitcher

Business Development / Partner Relationships

Has worked for many years in partnerships and business development; excited to participate in this space with people dedicated to the community.

Following team introductions, Noah highlighted a few key points:

1. excited for the new team, talent, and belief in Gutter and the community

  • team is new to working together and is learning to work together remotely and on different schedules

  • will get better each day and we're here to win and do this for the community

  • this is now a larger group getting organized and committed to community

2. acknowledged mistakes made in the first 30+ days, including the Twitter situation of being locked out of the OG @GutterCatGang account and new @GutterDev account

  • "Twitter situation has been really uncomfortable and I've felt a lot of pressure not having a Twitter presence" from the OG account, which he's been locked out of for several weeks

  • Opened @GutterDev account as a way to communicate, and as broader umbrella for Gutter, but it's not a rebrand.

  • Acknowledged he could have communicated better, and apologized for lack of clarity to the community; committed to establishing processes

  • Indicated he received the Gold checkmark on @GutterDev account and has been emailing, calling, and seeking solution to get @GutterCatGang account back.

Following the team and Noah's introductions, he opened up to the space for questions and comments. Key questions are unpacked below:

1. What can we expect rolling out in remaining days of Q4 of 2023 and what's ahead in Q1 2024?

  • Noah indicated that the team is putting processes and content in place on comms and editorial calendar: "You'll see ways for the holders and community to use their assets and create."

  • "We will develop the website to a true entertainment platform for creators, clubs, and holders to use unique tools."

  • "Connection between community, holders, and creators is going to get stronger," and how holders are involved in activations is important to Noah.

  • Exploring collabs and partnerships, and working across other communities

  • "I believe there's a product we can bring to life."

  • Also noted that he's looking ahead to IRL events

2. Will Gutter World scenes continue? Will art continue to be created? Will the same artist from original Gutter pieces stay with us?

  • Will continue to build on the existing Gutter Art as well as Website

  • Currently working with the original artist

  • Noah said, "Gutter City has huge potential. We can grow it, with surprises. Clubs can have their own areas within the city." He sees potential in merging the brand with IRL.

  • W0rmiOo indicated that he'd like to see Gutter officially support art, comics, and IP from people in the community, similar to Marvel or DC comics.

3. From the merch side, what's Gutter's thought on trait-based merch?

  • Want to be mindful of intentional merch that benefits Gutter and the holders

  • Clothing brand isn't off the mark, and needs to be high quality; also needs to get in front of people and not be token-gated

  • Trait-based merch could be bridged to external web2 audiences

  • Community can also run with things, with Gutter's support

The team closed out indicated that spaces will continue, and that community members should continue with questions and constructive feedback to help the team grow.

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to cover spaces and bring you news from the Gutter. Follow along @guttercattimes on Twitter for more.

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