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Gutter Buzz On Coffee With Captain: GCG Member Paw Talks GutterMelo Collab!

This Gutter Cat Gang member gets up early to drink Coffee with Captain and is spreading the word about the Gutter and their upcoming June 29th GutterMelo drop!

Paw (@Paw1239_) took the mic on this popular morning Twitter space to shout out the Gang's collaboration with LaMelo Ball x global sportswear brand, PUMA.

The Coffee with Captain web3 morning show, hosted by Captain Zwingli (@ChrisJourdan) and Steve (@NFTbark) covers the latest NFT trends and features interviews with industry leaders and guests making their mark in the web3 space.

On a recent show, talk turned to the Gutter Cat Gang's ballin' collab, and Paw, long-time Gutter member and Director of GCG's Gutter Flight, the youth basketball team sponsored by Gutter Gives, stepped up to the mic.

Paw said, "PUMA is on the courts, and they're gaining momentum. The youth love LaMelo. Our team is excited at the chance to get this [the GutterMelo kicks]. Their friends are asking, 'How do I get it? How do I get involved?'...I'm excited and think its a huge win for the space. It's a great collaboration and we should all be celebrating it."

Paw explained. "This GutterMelo collaboration is a chance to connect to the next generation of web3 users. If you care about the space, this is our chance to connect with parents and the next generation...This collaborative relationship is a spread the word."

Co-host Steve, @NFTbark, agreed, tweeting "...this collab is a win for the @GutterCatGang!"

Paw told the Gutter Cat Times that the Gutter Flight team will be back at it in July, and that there's huge buzz about the GutterMelo kicks on Instagram: "They're excited about the Gutter Melo drop and they saw it all over IG. They have been sharing with their circles that the team they play for is a part of the ecosystem."

What it do, Paw! Way to shout out the Gutter and the ballin' collab. Would love to see the Gutter Flight team get their hands on those MB.03 kicks! Gang Gang!

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