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Gutter Boast Ends Today: Give Flowers, Win A Flamethrower

Gang Gang from the Gutter!

Today's the final day of the 48-hour Gutter Boast, where the Gutter Cat Gang and all communities are invited to give props, kindness, flowers, and love to fellow web3 friends.

On Friday, March, 31st, @r0seNY launched the "Boast Rattle," a plot twist from last year's Roast Battle. He invited people to "compliment your favorite web3 people and win prizes!" A flamethrower -- yes, that's right -- will go to the "top boaster."

So far, almost 60 people from across various communities have let their love shine, bringing their warm and fuzzy vibes to the Boast.

When the Boast kicked off, The Gutter Cat Times shared some of the compliments that started to pour in.

Since Friday, more have appeared, including @wWONKAMILLION$s (@WonkamillionS), who spread some love to @hittmannyc: "I'd like to boast about @hittmannyc for sheltering my cat, despite worrying about him not having his favorite dish for dinner I know he's in good hands, shit he might be getting fancy feast instead, that little f*cker better not get used to it bc meow mix is all I can afford." r0seNY responded with a picture of a cat being pampered at a spa.

G.W. (@GWtheLabRat), one of Gutter's writers, composed a poem for @BigLouGutter:

Roses are red

Violets are blue

We all love @BigLouGutter

And he loves poetry too.

Zenshortz.eth (@zenshortz) is leading the way with the most entries so far, shouting out @CliveApestein, @KinkyBedBugs, and @raptographer, among others.

Because it's the Gutter, we can expect some creative license around a "Boast," and (@cryptoskooby) didn't disappoint with his boast, which included both heat and heart: "Fuck all the members of @HellChatRecap. I won't be compromising my morals for a flamethrower. You're all a bunch of dickheads (and I love each and every one of you, even @mf2hda whom I don't always see eye to eye with)."

And, like last year's Roast, AWeezy (@AWeezyNFT) brought the music, tweeting, "After the first roast you know I felt inspired to go back in. For the community, by the community..."

He brings lines like: "yeah, you dropped dead and came back with a fucking vengance, but you never got head cause you're built like a Pudgy Penguin." r0seNY responded, "Incredible...but you're disqualified for not following the rules!"

You still have today to bring the sweetness! Drop your boasts to @r0seNY's original tweet for your shot at the flamethrower. The Boast wraps up this evening, 4/2! Gang Gang!

@guttercattimes will follow up with the winner to get more insights and hear how they'll use that MF flamethrower.

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