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WRITING RAT: This Gutter Rodent Is Writing A Book Titled, "The Last Lab Rat"

In case you thought that rats couldn't write and Gutter species couldn't read, Gutter Cat Gang's @GWtheLabRat (G.W.) is here to prove otherwise.

G.W. is short for George Washington, and he's one of the last living lab rats from the human cryo-sleep trials of the 2020's. He's also the main character created by Gutter Cat Gang community member @GWtheLabRat, and will be featured in a forthcoming book, titled: The Last Lab Rat.

@GWtheLabRat joined the GCG in early August 2021; he was interested in using IP for stories and felt that "the lore behind the gutter was the perfect bones to add some meat to." His early conversations during Twitter Space with @DrDicatrio and @KingBlackBored "sealed it" for him.

The Last Lab Rat - the first in the series of three - is inspired by GCG lore and the Gang's own origin story: "The year is 2050. Humans are an interplanetary species and have all but abandoned the post-apocalyptic shatters of society on earth. Cats have taken over. One crime-ridden, nondescript inner city is inhabited by a group of cats collectively known as the Gutter Cats."

@GWtheLabRat sees an "opportunity to expand on" the Gutter lore. To inform the book, he had conversations with lots of people in the Gang community, including the Gutter Cat Gang founders during Art Basel in Miami, plus @BigLouGutter, @NFTBuffet, @sleepygang_eth, @RegularRuben, @GWPnft, KING GUTTA GUTTA (@KinGuttaGutta), Bo_Knows (@Molbert_1), Notorious MEG (@NotoriousMEG) and @cdeeznuts_eth.

In March, 3,000 copies of the book will be pre-printed and released as an NFT that will be redeemable for a signed copy of the book. The NFT will have exclusive cover art and serve as a "discount token for books 2 and 3." The Last Lab Rat will also be available via channels like Amazon.

@GWtheLabRat's hope for the book is to amplify "storytelling and lore expansion" for the Gutter. He wants to "bring the gutter to life while giving people outside of NFTs a chance to enjoy a great fantasy/sci-fi series that may bring them into the gutter family."

Although @GWtheLabRat has the overall storyline in place for the three books in the series, he is looking to "incorporate more community members and their characters" as he writes.

If any GCG members are interested in their Gutter assets being considered as a character for the next books, DM @GWtheLabRat!

@guttercattimes will continue to follow this story and book launch, and spotlight Gutter Cat Gang members' stories, IP use, and impact. Gang Gang!

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