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Spread Gutter Love: 48-Hours Of Sweet Heat To Win A Flamethrower

Gang Gang from the Gutter!

In a surprising twist on the Gutter Roast, @r0seNY took to Twitter today to announce a Gutter "Boast!"

He wrote, "Welcome to the Official Boast Rattle!! Yes. BOAST. Compliment your favorite Web3 people and win prizes! For the next 48 hours kill 'em with kindness. After 48 hours: the top boaster will win a FLAMETHROWER. Exceptional boasters will win $GGCG."

r0seNY shared official rules of engagement, which include the following:

  • Your entry MUST be a compliment/boast of someone in the Web3 space.

  • Follow @gutterarcade_ & @r0seNY

  • Like & RT - Tag the person in your boast

  • Don't compliment me - HAVE FUN!

He added, "We love warm & fuzzy. Bring the heat & win a flamethrower."

The tweet included a picture of an FTG-NAR20 Flamethrower. According to the Gutter Cat Times' research, this flamethrower has a range of up to 5 meters, includes customizable attachments, and appears to retail for close to $500.

We reached out to r0seNY for more information about the Gutter plot twist from Roast to Boast, and he said, "We're looking to give the community a platform to champion their favorite people. We've given the gamer an outlet, the degen an outlet, the sports fan, the creator, and others. The Showcase vote and the Boast are an outlet for the community as a whole. This is for everyone."

Already the Gang and others are showing up to give props! Check out the ones below:

Don't hold back, Gang. 48-hours to spread Gutter love to your web3 friends, Discord buddies, cross-community crushes, and more! Bring the sizzle, make it sweet. Gang Gang!

Gutter Cat Times will report on the Boast over the next 48-hours with highlights. Follow along @guttercattimes

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