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Gang Gang & Good Game: GCG Community Shows Gutter Love For Their TBT Team!

Gutter Cats' run in ESPN's The Basketball Tournament (TBT) came to a close on Monday with a loss to Bleed Green.

But the Gutter Cat Gang community is still feelin' the vibes from an electric regional win, increased national visibility of the brand, and the chance to meet other Gang IRL at the games!

Earlier today, the team's Co-GM Bman28 (@brandonforman) tweeted, "Had a great experience competing with @GutterCatGang in @thetournament. Thank you @gutterric @gutterikarlee @GutterMitch @gutterdan_ and @NoFreakingTime for the opportunity! Hope we were able to make the community proud. The game against Lville is something I’ll never forget."

As the Gutter Cat Times previously reported, the team pulled off a "W" in a 64-62 down to the wire game against the 'Ville that ended with Gutter Dan and the team in a celebratory dogpile on the court.

The community IS proud, Bman28!

Gutter Dan replied, "When I’m old and grey, I’ll be telling my great grandchildren about that game. Appreciate you Brandon."

Others in the community showed up on the TL to spread Gutter love for Bman28 and their IRL experiences!

The community was not only proud of Bman28 and the team, but stoked to connect with other GCG members IRL.

cryptohomer.eth (@cryptoohomer), who went to the last game, told the Gutter Cat Times, "I'd like to thank the GCG founders and team! They hooked the whole Homer family up with tickets. That's some nice utility. Our 8 year-old asked me when the next Gutter Cats' game is They onboarded a life long fan. He's hooked now!"

He added, "It was super cool to meet another GCG holder and NoFreakingTime IRL. I would love to see GCG continue doing stuff like this and to push us more into sports culture."

Congrats on the run this year, Gutter Cats' and the Gutter will be back in 2024!

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to bring you news from the courts and streetz on all things Gutter. Follow us @guttercattimes on Twitter.

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