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Gang Comes Back With A Bang: Yungus Scoops Gold-Tats Grail!

The alleys and streetz of the Gutter are getting hotter, with the upcoming GutterMelo drop in just 10 days and The Basketball Tournament on the horizon!

The Gutter Cat Gang community is vibin', and this GCG member is back for it!

"Fuck it. We ball," tweeted Yungus (@yungus_) yesterday. He added, "@GutterCatGang I'm back, baby!!"

He's back with a BANG, picking up a grail 7-Trait feline, #2287 with Gold Tats Fur, Squinted Yellow Eyes, Whiskers Beard, Blood Bandana, Toothpick Mouth, ThreeOhFive Shirt, and a Pink Background.

Yungus purchased this rad AF OG Gutter Cat for 3.5 WETH.

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to Yungus to hear more about his scoop and rejoining the Gang.

He said, "After exiting the Gang in late 2022, I continued to watch the project and always had an affinity for the art, the community, and the culture. I still regard GCG as a top 3 PFP project in the entire space." Yungus added, "One thing is clear: GCG has not stopped working."

Looking to the future of the Gang, he shared, "I'm simply looking forward to regaining the excitement and creativity that catapulted the project and business as a top tier collection."

He told the Gutter Cat Times: "I'm back and I'm here to stay. Aiming for Kingpin, so let's fucking go. GANG GANG!"

The Gang showed up on the timeline with mad appreciation for the gold grail pick up and Gutter love for Yungus!

wenrat.eth said, "Your soooo back gang!! Congrats on that total heater!" Big Lou added, "Cats sick af bro," and Fleetz tweeted, "Just in time." Yungus replied, "That's how I feel."

Congrats on the Gold-Tats grail, Yungus, and welcome back to the Gutter. Once Gang, always Gang.

Fuck it. We ball.

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