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Everything's Gutter in Texas: Gang Gears Up for Dallas Event!

Gang Gang from the Gutter! Lots in motion in the GCG, from the Gutter Arcade and Call of Duty tournament to animation collabs between Gutter's Kingpindao x AtriumNFT.

And just ahead, on Feb 24th - 26th, is the Gang's community-led event in Dallas, Texas!

Envisioned and created by Bo_Knows (@Molbert_1) and tacocat.eth (@hbarbacoatacos), the weekend has lots in store for the 30-35 Gang members attending.

Bo_Knows tweeted the itinerary, and highlighted Saturday's meet up at the Oak Cliff Brewery and night-time wielding of weapons at Lone Star Axe Throw.

Sunday the 26th, the Gutter Cat Gang will be a force to be reckoned with at the Mavs vs. Lakers game. Plus, there will be giveaway items for the event donated by Gutter-owned brands and Gutter Labs. tacocat said, "Free shit, good beer, basketball and gutter vibes. Gang Gang!"

tacocat dropped a tweet yesterday to get the Gang hyped: "Next Caturday the Gutter Dallas group will be sipping on some Gutter Juice and vibing out with the gang. LFG"

Several GCG members, including Sticky Finger Jones (@JonesSticky) and ben (@mavsfan0041) tweeted that they "Can't wait" for the Gang meet up.

tacocat and Bo_Knows initially sparked the idea for the Dallas event through Discord chats, where tacocat was searching for other GCG members in Texas.

They met IRL in Vegas at GutterCon, and Bo_Knows launched a Twitter chat for Texas Gang members. They talked about NBA games, landing on the Mavs v. Lakers.

tacocat, who rocks grey tat Puffer pigeon #2556, got a buddy at Oak Cliff Brewery to set up "our own custom beer, 'Gutter Juice,' which will be a lightly tart tropical fruit beer." They found an axe-throwing place, and the Dallas Gutter weekend was born!

tacocat joined the gang "around the time Gutter Juices dropped," and said, "the dope art drew me in right away." He added, "The gutter community was so strong and such a vibe I knew I had found my home in the space."

Bo_Knows joined the GCG just over a year ago, and reps Cat #193, an orange tabby with an earring and toothpick. He "sees the upside of the Gang and immediately felt at home with the outstanding group of members."

Also a member of the Puffer Gang, he sees the "constant value" that people like @r0seNY bring to the whole GCG community. Bo_Knows is also in Gutter Gainz, and appreciates the "community led activations" and "members that love the GCG and aren't afraid to put in the work to make their world better."

For GCG members like Case (0xCase_eth), who tweeted that he's "having some major FOMO" about not being able to make the Dallas event, Bo_Knows tweeted: "I will certainly be helping plan another event in the future probably in a new location. Been having too much fun setting this up and love meeting the GCG members."

Stay tuned for highlights from next weekend's Gutter Dallas event, and be on the look out for more community meet-ups with GCG members! Gang Gang!

Follow @guttercattimes on Twitter for all things Gutter.

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