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Gang Gaming Tournament, 2/19: Call of Duty Warzone 2.0

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

Gang Gang! Gaming is taking over the Gutter!

We've got the Gutter Arcade, with a nod to nostalgic games like Pac-man and the current free-throw challenge, Gutter Flight.

Now, Gutter member @0xPops is spearheading a Gutter Call of Duty Gaming Tournament taking place tomorrow, 2/19, at 1:00pmPST!

In Call of Duty, Warzone 2.0, players compete in a continuously shrinking map to be the last player remaining.

The Gutter CoD Tournament will have prizes, including:

1st place: Gutter Clone #11432

2nd Place: Gutter Cat Plushie (GCG x Jugrnaut)

3rd Place: Free Claim to the Discovery Squad

Best kill prize: Gutter Cat Plushie

The Gutter Cat Gang team is providing the 2 Gutter Plushies as prizes. 0xPops explained, "I had the tourney going and I sent a link to it in the GCG Discord. @DrDicatrio hit me up saying he wanted to help get me some prizes, so I owe it to him for helping me with that." Gang Gang!

0xPops joined the gang about a year ago, beginning with a pigeon. He's since bought and sold several Gutter Cat Gang assets before landing on his current rat, #1419, which is his streamer rat.

He launched the Gang Gaming Discord a couple of months ago with the aim to "bring together all the gamers of the Gutter Cat Gang." 0xPops said that he "wanted to do the tournament to give back to what GCG has done for me and my content. I also just have a passion for this stuff."

0xPops is trying to get at least 50 people to play so that everyone can be in one server. A bunch of GCG members have already signed up, and from @Stoniphantom's recent tweet, it looks like he's been practicing: "I'm ready for the @GutterCatGang CoD tournament 0xPops."

If any GCG members or gamers from other communities are interested in playing tomorrow, hop into the Discord and get your Call of Duty trigger-finger ready:

Gang Gang, and good luck to the gamers!

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