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COMING UP: GutterMelo Mint Is Happening On OpenSea Tomorrow! Here's What You Need To Know:

The Gang is geared up and ready for tomorrow's GutterMelo drop, and its collab partner, OpenSea is set to support the mint!

This afternoon, OpenSea shared a thread to give the Gang and others a line of sight into the Gutter Cat Gang x PUMA x LaMelo Ball NFT and mint mechanics: "TRANSMISSION DETECTED," OpenSea tweeted.

"NBA Star and @PUMAHoops athlete @MELOD1P, and NFT Collectible Project @GutterCatGang are teaming up to launch a limited-edition Hoops NFT – MB.03 ‘GutterMelo’. Dropping exclusively on @opensea on 6/29. Here's everything you need to know"

OpenSea explained that the GCG is an iconic brand merging street fashion and web3, and this NFT is the "first sneak peek at the expanding franchise, with more to come during the greater launch slated this fall."

Expanding franchise. Greater launch slated this fall. Take note, Gang.

For tomorrow, here's what you need to know: "If you're paying in crypto, you can mint multiple shoe sizes at the same time!" If you're paying with debit or credit, you may only purchase one shoe size per transaction.

Mint schedule:

Early Access: $175, 11am-1pm ET

Early Access Waitlist: $195, 1-3pm ET

Public: $215, 3pm ET

And, don't forget the additional $ for gas fees.

Set your alarms, and get ready to mint tomorrow to rock and stock your GutterMelo kicks!

Use only the official OpenSea mint link:, and can't wait to see all the GutterMelo NFTs on the TL tomorrow! Gang Gang!

Follow @guttercattimes on Twitter for all things Gutter, all the time.

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