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Slam Dunk: Jam Packed Twitter Space Showcases GutterMelo Partners GCG, PUMA, & OpenSea!

The Gutter Cat Gang's thermal heat map is off the chart after a hot Twitter Space filled with alpha from the Gutter Cat Gang, OpenSea, and PUMA!

The Gang community and others across the web3 space are anything but mellow after hearing more about the partnership between GCG x PUMA x LaMelo Ball, the GutterMelo design, the future of "digi-physi" products, and what's in store for the June 29th drop!

The Gutter Cat Times brings you the gang gang highlights from the space!

Repping the Gang were Co-Founders Gutter Dan, Gutter Mitch, and Gutter Ric, and Associate Creative Director, Brett Maurer. PUMAs team included dash (@ivandashkov), who oversees web3 for PUMA, and Jacob Garcia, a Senior Footwear designer for the MB.03.

AlexandΞr (@0xAlexander), with OpenSea's Partnerships, hosted the space, and was joined by Head of Community at OpenSea, stevey (@SteveyTrommm).

How did the relationship begin?

Gutter Dan said, "We connected about 5-months after mint, and have a lot of synergy - a zealous passion for innovation, creativity, community and sports. We hit the ground running and are looking forward to future activations."

PUMAs web3 lead, dash, shared, "Melo is a GCG holder, and PUMA bought Cat NFTs, which kicked off the relationship." He added that PUMA and the GCG continued building together, like when LaMelo wore Gutter kicks during an NBA game last year (see below).

How does LaMelo feel about the design of the GutterMelos? What inspired the design?

dash told the space, "LaMelo is into them! He loves bright colorways, and is a big fan of the heat map. LaMelo has been very involved in the process and approval all the way through."

Jacob Garcia, the MB.03 designer, said that they played with the "Not from here," idea and went with something inspired by another planet, including the heat map. It took over a year to bring to life: "If LaMelo liked it, that was the most important thing. He puts his flair on it and is hands-on and involved in the process."

dash added that it's cool to be at the intersection of fashion x NFTs and innovate without a playbook.

What's the relationship with OpenSea and the future of "digi-physi" products?

AlexandΞr (@0xAlexander) said that OpenSea is stoked to be involved and sees redeemables as a next phase for NFTs. Gutter Mitch said that the GCG "wants a seamless mint experience and is excited to partner with OpenSea for the drop." He added, "we want to use it as a way to onboard LaMelo fans."

The group sees this drop expanding what the world of NFTs looks like, and is a dream scenario to bring more people - sneakerheads and sports fans - into the space.

Gutter Ric added, "GutterMelo represents a new era of sneakers, and merging web2-3. We've seen double the followers on Instagram and received DMs from people to help set up crypto wallets. We're bringing new people into the space and merging culture with web3." Back in May, Ric highlighted the significance of merging digital and physical (digi-physi), and GCG is positioned at the forefront of this work.

Closing out the space, the group said they're stoked for the June 29th drop, and can't wait to see how this impacts the space. dash added that "this drop is big in the sneakerworld." Check out for more information.

Gutter Dan said, "We're excited about the drop, it's been a long time coming, and we're ready!" Mitch added, "It's just the beginning and can't wait to see where we're at a decade from now. Gang Gang!"

The Gutter Cat Times will bring you more news and updates on the GutterMelo drop! Follow us @guttercattimes for all things Gutter, all the time.

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