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BURN OUT: Gutter Grab's Clone & Juice Burn Has Closed! Find Out The Latest From Yugen:

Gutter Cat Gang's Clone & Juice switch has been flipped "Off!"

As of yesterday, 5/29, the 30-day window to torch these GCG assets to earn Gutter Chips has closed.

"Mixed emotions, @GutterCatGang. The Great Burn is complete.  4,436 clones (21.78%)  1,928 juices (20.37%). Wondering about the future of the clones? They’re simply art

@YugenLBS x @GutterToken $GANG," tweeted Hawley.

In Gutter Cat Gang's Discord, Yugen shared an announcement, explaining: "The Clone burn has recently closed."

He confirmed that 20% of the Clone & Juice supply were successfully incinerated, and said, "...this burn is more than just a pure numbers incentive/game. It is (in a sense) an emotional step which current and active holders in the Gutter needed in order to get over the 'Clone era,' and move past it."

Yugen added that Clones are "just art," without plans, utility, or promises: "If anyone asks what's the future of clones, feel free to answer: 'nothing. they're just art.'"

Check out the message below:

Yugen also shared an update on New Dawn, an initiative launched by the prior Mayor, that allowed the community to extract traits from D1 Clones and customize existing ones.

He said, "...we will also be removing Clones off the New Dawn platform and cutting ties with that team on that project. we have given them 14 days notice for them to be removed."

The team is on to "the next adventure" with Gutter Grab, and has already hinted at forthcoming Gutter Flip and Gutter Pick games!

The Gutter Cat Times will bring you the latest updates from the Gutter and follow what's ahead for the Gutter Grab! Follow us @guttercattimes on X for all things Gutter, all the time!

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