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A NEW DAY DAWNS: Gutter Cat Gang Partners With New Dawn To Clean Up The Gutter! Read This Recap Of Today's X Space:

It's the dawn of a new day in the Gutter!

After shutting down the Clone Machine on January 14th, and teasing a video on January 18th, the Gutter Cat Gang launched an initiative today that allows the community to extract traits from D1 Clones and customize existing ones with your favorite traits!

"We are kicking off Operation Clean up the Gutter today. Proud to announce, Gutter X New Dawn," the Gutter Cat Gang tweeted.

Gutter's Mayor Noah joined an X space with Voltura.eth (@BAYC2745), founder of New Dawn (@newdawnxyz), a platform for collections, creators, collectors, and communities to evolve their digital identities. The link to the space is here:

What follows is a summary that focuses on the partnership, the purpose and mechanics, and key questions/answers.


  • When he began talking with Noah and team, they thought about the Gutter ecosystem and wanted to realistically start with the collection with the most units, the D1 Clones.

  • Noah said, "When I first picked up this project 3+ months ago, there wasn't anything going on with the collection. People love the Clones, but the supply didn't make sense given the market. We had to focus on 'how do we clean this up and get the project going in the right direction?' Addressing some of these key issues with a strong team that's had a product, made tweaks and enhancements, that's intriguing, versus us building something. It's a huge jumpstart for our "Operation Clean Up the Gutter."

  • Voltura said, "We've been working on this for a long time and rolling out features. It's amazing to share with a really established legacy brand, and start with Clones. There's so many things you can do on this Website. We want to listen to feedback - tell us what we can do better. We normally ship new features every month. Both teams worked tirelessly to get this done."


  • New Dawn allows people to burn Clones; any Clone burned will extract traits from it. Those traits will live in New Dawn wallet and you'll be able to apply those traits onto any Clone you currently have.

  • Voltura shared that New Dawn features a "construction playground" where you can see other people's creations in real time. As soon as someone customizes, you'll be able to vote on the creations you like the most.

  • New Dawn will be free for 7 days; they're putting in 50 "credits" to all new and existing accounts. "We want everyone to have a good time," Voltura said.

  • Voltura is also giving away .2 ETH to 10 people who receive the most votes from the community on their Clone customizations. He recommends getting in as soon as you can.

  • "We're working on reducing the cost of buying and listing traits to make sure its as smooth as possible. The traits are off chain, but they're reflected on chain once there's a change made by the user. "

  • A concern is the calculation of rarity within collections; Voltura has worked this through with Gutter by locking a bunch of ultra rare combinations.

Voltura also bought a bunch of Gutter Clones to give away for people to play on the platform with!


  • This project is intended to assist with a way to have fun and reduce the supply of Clones for people who want to participate.

  • People can sell, trade, buy, extract, and construct traits. It's a unique mechanism for Clones that we came up with. It'll suit a lot of people - not everyone; but it's a good way to balance the dilution element in the Gutter ecosystem, and it's something fun to do.

  • Noah said, "I'm excited to start bringing some things to the community. We've been getting everybody organized and on track, and excited to get to this point and show off this product."

  • "People can pick traits that stand out to you, fit your identity, and build the Clone you want. What I like about New Dawn, there's a marketplace that's in one area, and the user can do everything," explained Noah.

  • "Now we can get into solving problems and giving the community things to do. People can curate their Gutter IP and make the Clone that they want. And we can start to execute on our vision," Noah said.

  • Noah added, "We've created new Gutter art and animations. We have 3 new Gutter World images that we'll get out. We're thinking about what we're building and what we can provide to the community. We're always listening."

Check out a few of the Gutter x New Dawn creations below!


How does this add value to holders?

Voltura: this gives a user the ability to do something with what's been sitting in your wallet. If you have a Clone that has desirable traits, you can sell those traits or barter those.

How can I put up traits for sale?

Voltura: you'll have to have the traits in your wallet first. There is a huge "help section" that goes into details. Give that a read, but if you have questions, message us and we'll walk you through it.

Will we be able to create new traits?

Noah: we're looking at ways to bring D2 traits in and give creators a chance to participate. We need to iron this out. The New Dawn platform is known for trait packs and re-rolls, and we want to give opportunities to community members.

Voltura: We have intentions to allow creators in our community to sell traits directly to the community and earn that income. I'm sure we can work on that with Gutter.

Why is this only for D1?

Voltura: Technically, we're rolling out D1 first, but will roll out D2 as well - probably in the next couple of weeks.

Can you create the same Clone twice?

Voltura: every Clone has a unique set of meta data, and once that has created no one can create the exact same Clone. There is a list of traits or combinations that are super rare that we don't want people messing around with or gaming the rarity on. We'll have documentation on this.

Check out New Dawn's thread for more details, too!

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to follow this story and bring you the latest new from the Gutter. Follow along @guttercattimes for all things Gutter, all the time.

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