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BACK AT IT: GCG Member Bazooka J Sweeps Another 50 Gutter Clones To Burn & Earn Gutter Chips! Find Out More:

This Gutter Cat Gang member has got a fever for feeding Clones to the fire!

Only two days ago, Bazooka J (@BazookaJNFT) went on a shopping spree, scooping 50 Clones for the Gutter Grab burn.

Fast forward to today, and this GCG kingpin is at it again, sweeping another fifty Clones to toss into the flames!

"I'm going to burn them. Swept 100 Clones for the clout," he said in Discord this morning. "Gotta give @Sonyblack65 a bit of pressure for the leaderboard."

As the Gutter Cat Times previously reported, the burn was first announced on April 11th, and kicked off on April 28th. It will be open for another 13 days, and holders can burn their Clones and Juices to earn Gutter Chips.

Bazooka J told the GCT that he was inspired by doitbigchicago's (@doitbigchicago) recent 100 Clone burn, and added, "I'm definitely going to burn them."

In response to Bazooka J's message about giving Sonyblack a run for the top spot on the Gutter Grab Leaderboard, Sonyblack65 replied, "don't you dare."

Nothing like a little friendly competition to fire up the Gutter!

Currently, Sonyblack holds the #1 spot, with 6.4 million Gutter Chips, and Bazooka J stands at #18, with 1.2 million.

Check out the Leaderboard below:

Congrats on picking up another 50 Clones to scorch!

The GCT will continue to follow this story and the Gutter Grab Leaderboard, and bring you the latest news on the Clone & Juice burn.

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