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WINNER WINNER: GCG Member Osi Won An OG Cat During Gutter Arcade's Latest Space!

Gang Gang from the Gutter!

One lucky GCG community member showed up in today's Gutter Arcade Twitter space and left with a rad OG Gutter Cat addition to his wallet!

"Congratulations to @OsirisX69X for winning Gutter Cat #894!!! Shout-out to the community for showing up in full force! We had 1,100 entries into the giveaway and look forward to building with all of you in the future," Gutter Arcade tweeted.

Fresh feline #894 is a 6-Trait Cat, with Grey Fur, Squinted Blue Eyes, Whiskers, American Bandana, Jobs Shirt, and a Green Background.

MagnumAPI launched the giveaway on May 10th, saying, "The raffle will start after 1000 likes, retweets and when our followers increase by 1000!..."

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to Osi (@OsirisX69X) to hear more about how he's feeling after this win. He said that his entry point into the Gutter was a Pigeon Clone, and that he's stoked to receive his first Cat!

"I'm truly excited," he shared. "I was always worried about never being able to have a Cat, being a true in-real-life cat Dad!"

He added, "I've always been bullish on the Gutter because the community filters through the space and I've met so many wonderful people in the Gang! I tell everyone that karma truly circles back, and to not go crazy searching for it because it finds you. Gang Gang to the Puffers, Ayyyliens, Alien Boys, Karmeleons and all!"

Osi also replied to Gutter Arcade's tweet following the win, saying: "Thank you, from friendships to building Tech to just goofing around and gaming. Gang has so much going on that its part of the true web3 essence and the community is what drives this bus! Reminds me of the bus at NFTNYC the other year back! Gang Gang!"

Congrats, Osi! And thanks, Gutter Arcade, for continuing to build and share with the community! Gang Gang!

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