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What's Cooking In The Gutter? This GCG Member's Wife Is Baking Up Some Gutter Goodies!

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

Gang Gang from the Gutter and happy Sunday!

This weekend, a bunch of the Gang are attending the Gutter Dallas event, put on by Bo_Knows (@Molbert_1) and tacocat.eth (@hbarbacoatacos). The event included a Saturday meet up the Oak Cliff Brewery and night-time wielding of weapons at Lone Star Axe Throw.

The brewery meet up included giveaway items donated by Gutter-owned brands and Gutter Labs. tacocat said, "Free shit, good beer, basketball and gutter vibes. Gang Gang!"

Included in the "free shit," category are the Gutter Cat Gang cookies that tacocat's wife created just for the event!

On Caturday evening, tacocat tweeted, "Thanks to my wife for hooking up @GutterCatGang cookies for the Gutter Dallas brewery event. Gang Gang"

tacocat said, "She's got her recipes down!" He explained that she uses "3d printed cutters" and a "mini projector to trace the outlines onto the cookies."

Gutter Cat Gang members who attended raved about the cookies. cinzio.eth (@WenLambo6) responded, "They looked amazing as well as tasted amazing."

tacocat said that these were soft and similar to sugar-cookies, and she makes lots of different kinds.

Other Gang members responded to the tweet with their appreciation of the cookies. GlyphHanger.eth said, "Gutter Bakery - make them edibles and these Degens will make wifey a millionare! Gang gang." Grant Flannery replied, "These are so dope!"

Gutter Gangster added, "These are next level," while cryptokt.eth said, "These are amazing!! Gang Gang!!"

To get your Gutter assets turned into delicious cookies, tacocat shared his wife's bakery information. She can be found on Instagram @_bakedcookies: Cookies like the ones pictured are $60 a dozen, with a minimum order of 2 dozen. Get on it, degens! Less than the price of an NFT and has more utility!

The Gutter Cat Times cannot say whether you will be able to get a weed-filled version of the cookies, but you can try! Check out @_bakedcookies for all your Gutter goodies. Gang Gang!

Follow @guttercattimes on Twitter for more treats and news from the Gutter

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