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'THAT'S SO GUTTER': Gutter Records Drops Latest Beats & Art!

Can't stop this crew from dropping sick beats that are 'so Gutter!'

Gutter Records keeps cookin', recently airdropping its holders a special lil' sumthin' Gutter!

"Peep those hidden wallets," cleanny.eth thedrycleaner (@NyCleaner) recently tweeted, linking to a Gutter Recordz Airdrop link on Open Sea.

The airdrop, called "Tatted On My Chest," includes 38 seconds of music created by Gutter Recordz, including the lyric "That's so Gutter." Check it out at the linked tweet below:

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to Cleaner to get the scoop on Gutter Records' airdrop, team, and what's next from this creative crew.

"The latest airdrop was a combination of talents," he explained. "We took the iconic dog (originally flipped by artist Pop Wonder) and Joubrel took it to the next level, applying new tattoo traits with the Gutter Records logo across its chest. Then he made a glitch animation."

Cleaner added, "AWeezy (@AweezyNFT) took the video and found production that fit the tone. The beat was done by MF Goon, who we’ve been working with closely. GutterBeats (@gutterbeats_eth) did the dev work and we dropped it to our holders (Owners who bought their first single, Dipset in 97; members of Beanie gang, and Kingpins). This art piece signifies a character that will be reoccurring in the story we are beginning to tell."

Cleanny said that the core team of Gutter Records is like a "triangle offense," and includes him, Aweezy, and GutterBeats. He shared, "It's a team of 3 that we've learned to trust and build with daily. We're all very good at what we do - but we understand that we are not good at what each other does. This team isn't in competition within: we ask questions without the perception that we’re questioning the intelligence or thought process of our team. It’s a selfless system of checks and balances with logic and reason."

He added, "We’re here to build an ecosystem of highly talented people of all kinds. This team's main focus is to connect dots and build a system that works with synergy and purpose. Beyond the core team, we have other talent that will make appearances on lots of our upcoming work."

Cleaner told the GCT that Gutter Records is continuing to work on the story they want to tell everyday and ways to leverage their IP.

"You'll start seeing us drop more visuals and music. The story we are beginning to tell will be very compelling, especially to fans of real hip-hop shit. We come from the gutter and it’s only natural we speak on our experience through various mediums and inspirations."

He encourages everyone in the Gutter Cat Gang to follow @gutterrecordz on Twitter and IG, and added, "We fuck with this community and believe the people here are cut from a different cloth. We appreciate everyone's support and are thankful for all those spreading the gospel."

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to follow Gutter Records' music, story, and drops! Keep it Gutter @guttercattimes on Twitter for all things Gang Gang.

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