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SPOTLIGHT: GCG's GutterBeats Brings Music Industry & Dev Skillz To Gutter Records

This Gutter Cat Gang member brings sick beats plus expertise from the streetz to the crew at Gutter Records.

With a history of music production and web development, GutterBeats.Eth (@gutterbeats_eth) is keepin' it real for real in the Gutter. He recently tweeted:

"Stay True to the Vision

Deliver Passion Not a Promise

Live By A Code Of Ethics

Respect the Process

Learn Everyday

A wise man knows he knows nothing. We’ll keep pushing daily, providing a vision you never thought possible We are @gutterrecordz #GangGang#GutterRecords."

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to GutterBeats to find out more about his role in Gutter Records, how he got into music production and dev, and what he's stoked on for the Gang.

He said, "I came in when clones were dropping and then also hosted a Twitter Space. I'm interested in displaying how to use and brand IP."

GutterBeats has used GCG IP on his own site, Gutter Sessions, which shows off not only a few of his own tracks, but some epic legacy Gutter Rap tournaments, too! Check them out at this link:

GutterBeats is a Producer, Rapper, and Engineer at Milk Crate Records in North Carolina.

He told the Gutter Cat Times, "I grew up around music like Motown and got into Method Man when I was 10. Then came rap in the 90s, and I used to rap over instrumentals on LPs."

"I got into producing and started working at Quad Studios in NYC. On one of my

first days on the job, I was playing music and the head of the studio walked in and asked, 'Who made this beat? It’s off the chain.' He was blown away. I had a drum, sample, hi-hat, and beat, and just sonically made it fit."

He explained, "I don't care what the world says. I just mess with the frequency until I get what I want – when it makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck, it’s done."

He's stoked to support Gutter Records as a developer: "Music is my passion. I want to make the dopest thing and work on what I really care about."

As the GCT reported earlier, Gutter Records (@gutterrecordz) recent dope thing was AWeezy's sold-out drop, "Dipset in 97."

GutterBeats was hyped when this limited edition single minted out, tweeting, "GMGG @gutterrecordz we did it!"

He added, "My life was changed by digging in record bins. I want to influence other kids' lives and make sure no one gets their light blown out. Hip hop's foundation is from a broken place where no one gave people a chance. But you can create something from nothing, just like the Gutter."

GutterBeats continues to create, bringing his skillz to the Gang and wider audiences. Gang Gang!

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to follow Gutter Records and community members using GCG IP. Stay up to date on all things Gutter @guttercattimes on Twitter.

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