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Tatted Trio: GCG Member Yungus Picks Up 2 More Inked Up OG Cats

This Gutter Cat Gang member is scooping up the Gutter's holy grails of tatted Cats!

Over the past day, Yungus (@yungus_) added two more inked up felines to his collection, and now has a dope AF Gutter trio. As the Gutter Cat Times reported, his earlier pick up and re-entry to the Gang was a rad Gold-Tats Cat, #2287.

Yesterday, he tweeted, "Fuck it. We continue to BALL. @GutterCatGang. I'll carry the torch @TwoToneTommy3."

Gutter Cat #160 - his new addition - is a 6-Trait feline, with Black Tats Fur, Squinted Yellow Eyes, Gold Hoop Earring, Blood Bandana, Dog Tags Necklace, and Blue Background. He purchased it for 4 WETH.

But, wait, there's more! Just when you thought the shopping spree might be over, Yungus was back at it hours later, tweeting, "Fuck it. WHO GON STOP ME, HUH???

"Ya'll weed purple, my money purple

Ya'll Steve Urkel, I'm Oprah's circle

I wrote the verse that I hope'll hurt you

Who gone stop me, huh?”

He showed off his most recent Gutter Cat, #959, a 4-Trait with Grey Tats, Squinted Yellow Eyes, Stubble Beard, and Purple Background! Sheesh!

Check out the tatted-trio in all of its glory below!

Congrats on the new additions, Gang! We suspect this isn't the last tatted Cat that Yungus will scoop up. Can't wait to see what's next!

The Gutter Cat Times will bring you the latest on community scoops and news from the Gutter. Follow us @guttercattimes for all things Gang Gang.

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