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Still Sweeping & Stacking Gutter: Jodi Scoops 9 OG Cats!

Gang Gang from the Gutter!

He's back! The Gang's hottest sweeper, Jodi (@finkholding) scooped up another 9 OG Cats today! Gang MF Gang!

As the Gutter Cat Times previously reported, this ain't Jodi's first rodeo; he's swept Cats before.

Jodi's now rockin' a new PFP of one of his recent pick ups: Cat #449, a 6-Trait, with Silver fur, Squinted Yellow Eyes, Cig Mouth, ThreeOhFive Shirt, Thick Gold Necklace, and a Green Background.

The other 8 Cats picked up during the Gutter shopping spree can be seen below, and include a few more bangers! The 9 OG felines cost 9.352 ETH, according to Etherscan.

Jodi is now #5 on the Gutterboard, with a current total of 26 OG Cats. Check out the full Gang Gang crew below!

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to ask about this latest sweep. Jodi said, "Hoping for an extremely loud Gutter on Twitter for the NBA finals, and good vibes!"

Get loud for Jodi, Gang! Let's break out those Gutter vibes and take back the timelines!

Congrats to Jodi on the newest 9 Cats, and Gang Gang!

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to cover sweeps, sales, community, and all things Gutter. Follow @guttercattimes on Twitter for more Gang Gang fun.

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