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Gutter Sweep: GCG Member Snatches Up 9 OG Cats

Gang Gang from the Gutter!

Even in a bear market, this Gutter Cat Gang member is making bullish Gang Gang moves, scooping up 9 OG Cats over the last two days, and sweeping 7 of them just this morning! The price for these recent seven was 7.4291 ETH.

Jodi (who goes by FINK.GCG.ETH on the Gutterboard) joined the Gang about a month ago with Cat #1727, a 7-trait feline with Leopard fur, BTC Hat, Bloodshot Eyes, Whiskers, Red Bandana Necklace, Hawaiian Shirt, and a Green Background. FINK is now the 31st top holder in the GCG, according to the Gutterboard.

As Jodi swept the floor this morning, Gold Jacket Gang member, 6'3 w/the shoes off (@6_threee) tweeted, "And just like that we have a new gutter kingpin."

Check out FINK's collection below, including all of the new additions! Congrats on adding to your banger collection, Gang!

Follow @guttercattimes on Twitter for all Gutter all the time. Gang Gang!

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