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STAY GUTTER: Gutter Records & AWeezy Drop Another Track, 'Can't Walk Away.' Find Out How To Mint:

Gutter Records,' AWeezy, is in the middle of paying homage to rapper Tupac, and the community 'cant walk away' from his dope beats!

As the Gutter Cat Times reported earlier, The 7-Day drop of original tracks, called AWeezy: The 7 Day Theory, is inspired by AWeezy's (@AWeezyNFT) appreciation for Tupac's 'The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory,' created during the first week in August in 1996.

Tonight, on Day 4, Gutter Records' tweeted, "Powered by Gutter Records . Aweezy “Can’t Walk Away” Produced by Sid Roams @AweezyNFT @SidRoamsBravo @SidRoams FREE Music NFT Mint 100 copies available. go get that"

As Aweezy previously told the Gutter Cat Times, "Gutter Records was formed out of us all wanting to do dope shit together. I'm dumping music because it’s time, but I’ve been grinding for years, this didn’t all happen overnight."

The first 3 Days of tracks by AWeezy & Gutter Records include:

Day 1: 'Strictly Business,' produced by Alchemist

Day 2: 'Well Known Investors,' featuring Raekwon, a founding member of Wu-Tang Clan

Day 3: 'Forty Five Soul,' featuring rapper/producer Scarface & Grammy-award winning musician Anthony Hamilton

Today's track, "Cant' Walk Away," was produced by hip hop producing duo, Sid Roams.

The Gang is showing love on the TL for AWeezy and the tracks, with rickistheplug tweeting, "All hits no misses," and enrapture.chimp saying, "ayo someone tell gas to chill, im trying to grab this."

Sean6982.nft tweeted, "Shoutout to @AweezyNFT and @gutterbeats_eth putting some absolutely quality over the past couple weeks/days. Free Mint 100 copies of each track. Lemme show you how the gang cooks! with @mauloadream coming in as the new owner, it has given a much needed spark to the gutter."

Stay tuned for Days 5-7 drops this week at 6PM ET on October 24th - 26th. As AWeezy mentioned earlier: "Maybe there will be something for Gang that mints every joint in the end. We’ll have to see."

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to follow Gutter Records' and AWeezy's 7-Day Theory and bring you the latest from the streets and turntables. Follow along @guttercattimes on Twitter for all things Gutter, all the time.

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