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Gutter Roast, The Thrilling Continuation: Back & Bigger Than Ever!

Gang Gang from the Gutter!

Nothing like gearing up for a Gutter Roast to get the week off to a gang gang start!

Yesterday, @r0se.puffergang.eth (@r0seNY) tweeted, "*Slaps hood of Gutter Roast* This one right here..only been seen ONCE before & now it's BACK! Memes, diss tracks, bad jokes & blocked users. The Gutter Roast has it all."

r0seNY added details:

When? 3/31-4/2

Where? Twitter

Why? Why not


Flamethrower? Yes.

Stay tuned.

As the Gutter Cat Times reported in an earlier post, the prior Gutter Roast took place in December, 2022. It was initially a Puffer v. Tracksuit smoke session, but broadened then to include the whole Gang in a 48-hour free-for-all!

The previous Gutter Roast included gems like ones from Noah (@mauloadream), who tweeted, "Gutter evolution," and included the meme below.

scuffed.eth (@zScuffed) came out with a Gutter Founder roast, "@gutterric still isn't real."

And AWeezy (@AWeezyNFT) brought the beats, slinging lines like, "I'm a hustler baby, I could slang you some bear pants," and "I'll willingly piss in your mouth, call that exit liquidity." (Trust us, it's worth a listen!)

This time around, r0seNY is calling all communities to join in the roasting fun. He tweeted to folks from Pudgy Penguins, saying "Ayo, do the penguins want in in the fun? We're giving away a flamethrower." To The Alien Boy NFT crew, he said, "Any chance of an invasion?" r0seNY called on the Killabears, "y'all better be there," and to Sappy Seals, "Seals want the smoke? say the word."

Start prepping, y'all, 'cause it's about to go down! Stay tuned for more information closer to the 31st, and come join the Gang's Gutter Roast!

The Gutter Cat Times will be reporting on the sh!t talk and creative smoke; follow along on Twitter @guttercattimes.

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