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Spotlight: Gutter Graphic Designer Brings Gang Assets To Life

The Gutter Cat Gang is filled with firepower.

The community incubates innovators, artists, and creators who make and share imaginative designs and derivatives for GCG members and other communities.

JagART.eth (@jagarteth) is one of those creators, and his animated GIFs are generating buzz around the Gutter!

His own PFP, Pigeon Clone #16921, is often a canvas. Below JagART brings a GM and coffee to life!

JagART joined the Gang this year in early March thanks to a friend who gave him his Clone and introduced him to the Gang.

His D1 Clone has Platinum Fur, Yellow Eyes, Backwards Hat, Thick Silver Necklace, Mr. Buckets Shirt, and a Pink Background.

A graphic designer for 10-years, JagART has focused mostly on the "audiovisual design field." He wants to have his own graphic design shop and use his Gutter Clone as his brand. He's busy building that brand, making edits to his Pigeon like the ones here!

He said he's met "amazing people" in the Gang, and wants to continue to "create new things and build and grow with the community."

The Gutter community is digging JagART's work, too, and expanding his brand!

Recently, elpapiii.eth tweeted, "I am speechless... @jagarteth Brought my pigeon to a whole new level. If any of y’all need some animation done, he is your guy. Once again the @GutterCatGang community holds strong and delivers to members. Love my community, love my NFTs, and as always #GangGang & #fuckyerfud"

JagART's animation of elpapiii's bird is next-level:

After elpapiii.eth showed off JagART's work on the TL, Gang and others showed up with their appreciation, with Tee saying, "this is so fire bruh." sepak.eth, who also rocks JagART's animations on his MAYC, added, "beautifully done! gang gang legend."

JagART's animations and edits for the Gutter Cat Gang and MAYC can be seen and commissioned on his website, Reach out to get your own upgrades!

And, with the recent drop of Gutter's new GCG Community Toolkit, we're excited to see creators like JagART build their personal brands. Gang Gang!

Follow us at @guttercattimes on Twitter for more community spotlights and all things Gutter, all the time.

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