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Gutter Builds: Gang Drops Community Toolkit To Support Creators' Brands

Gang Gang from the Gutter and happy Friday!

The Gutter Cat Gang is cooking, keeping the heat on high! Today they dropped a GCG Community Toolkit available to all Gutter members!

"Introducing the GCG Community Toolkit – a curated and ever-growing collection of GCG Community brand assets that acts as a helpful resource for Gutter members looking to create with their digital collectibles or build stand-alone brands," the Gang tweeted.

This new toolkit, which can be accessed via the Gutter Collectors Hub site, includes "a Community Brand Book, fur patterns (based on members holdings), typefaces, brand colors, and a community badge."

According to the Collectors Hub information, the GCG Community Toolkit is "for use by members to create around their digital collectibles with a unifying brand."

Gutter Labs "encourages creators to develop projects," and the Toolkit provides the resources for both "personal and commercial use" of a Brand Deck, Logos, Color Palette, and Seamless Patterns. Check out some of the resources below:

The Gutter community showed up stoked on the TL, excited by the GCG's announcement. eLBizzle.eth said, "This is an extremely smart move! If people want to use their assets commercially, they now have clear and concise brand guidelines they can follow. This helps incentivize the community to help build the brand, while maintaining control of the brand image."

Gutter Labs' Associate Creative Director, Brett Maurer, tweeted that a key phrase for the GCG Toolkit is "ever-growing." He added, "The more tools our creators have the better for the brand. Got some cool ideas on where we can bring this but if you're a creator and have specific needs we could provide in the future, get in touch."

Gutter Cat Gang's Toolkit unleashes the power of a decentralized brand, providing resources for the community to build with the team. Plus, Brett and the team invite creators to share specific needs. Gang MF Gang!

Excited to see where Gutter's innovative builders take these tools and how the community contributes to the brand's visibility, reach, and impact.

The Gutter Cat Times will be digging into the GCG Community Toolkit and following other Gutter creators as they build.

Follow @guttercattimes on Twitter for all things Gutter, all the time.

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