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Something's Hopping In The Gutter: Gutter Dan's Froggy Tweet Sparks Speculation!

Gang Gang from the Gutter!

It's feeling a little froggy this Caturday, as Gutter Dan dropped a cryptic tweet: it included three emojis: eyes, a frog, and a boxing glove: "Happy #Caturday Gang," Dan wrote.

Dan's tweet included a black and white picture of a tatted-up frog smoking a joint; a handwritten, "Fighting Frogs, GOAT among us. 21-0" was scrawled above the frog.

And where do frogs hang out? Ponds.

As readers of the Gutter Cat Times might remember, in mid-April, The Gutter Cat Gang tweeted, "Something's cooking in the contaminated pond on the east side of Gutter City..."

The Gang community's earlier speculation on the picture's clues included guesses about Clone wars, and rewards for King Pins, OG holders, full set holders, and credentialed community members.

Back in April, erwinium.eth added, "...does that yellow wire look like a 6? As in sixth month? Is this activation coming in June??"

What was confirmed back in April from Gutter Mitch is this: it's "Not a membership collectible. Not a paid mint."

Following Gutter Dan's tweet, the Gang leapt back into dot connecting: W0rmiOo.eth dropped a pic that shows GUTTER ARENA and displays a neon sign: "Fighting Frog Championships Tonight!"

aussienft.eth 1049.eth (@nft_aussie) replied, "I see that frog - The Conductor."

Looking closely at the Dog Clone's transparent brain, we see a Frog conducting an orchestra!

Thought we don't yet know the meaning behind Gutter Dan's tweet or what the frogs might mean, the Gutter Cat Times is on the case and will bring you more information on this emerging story.

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