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RIBBIT GANG: GCG Artist Joubrel Creates Froggy Friends With OG Traits For The Gutter! Find Out How To Get Yours:

The Gutter Cat Gang has been hoppin' lately, with new owners bringing energy and a $GANG token to the ecosystem!

Gutter's well-known artist, Joubrel (@iamMRJOUBREL) is riding those vibes, jumpin' in to add a little fun of his own, making frogs with OG traits for the Gang.

"Happy Caturday Gang! Had a few requests on wen frogs. Well frogs now! Request your og cat traits on your new custom frog for a very small fee! Tap in to the DM. Full disclaimer this is not affiliated to the Gutter project," he tweeted recently.

As the Gutter Cat Times previously reported, in June 2023, Gutter Dan, an OG founder of the Gutter Cat Gang, tweeted a picture of a frog, causing the community to speculate on how these hoppers might factor in to future activations.

The GCT reached out to Joubrel to find out more about his frogs and what jump-started his illustrations incorporating OG traits.

He said, "We like them frogs! Definitely having fun creating these. And ribbit ribbit is what I’m seeing on the time line and I love it! Had these cooked up and ready to go for a while now. Interest started popping up again when the $gang farm was going on and the team hasn’t said anything about frogs in a while, so why not do customs to match OGs?"

Check out the frogs below, repping OG Gutter traits:

Joubrel added, "I want them to be fun art we can enjoy and collect. Not creating another gutter collection to confuse new people on boarding the brand. I said from the start that these are not affiliated with the actual project, but if the team wants to talk my DMs are open."

While we don't know whether the new team is interested, one of the new owners, Yugen (@YugenLBS), posted on the TL today, "Does the community want frogs?"

For Gutter community interested in a frog, you can reach out to Joubrel via DM: "Come ready with a small fee - cheaper than a clone - to get your frog," he said.

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to follow Gutter's artists and builders, and bring you the latest from the streets of the Gutter. Follow us @guttercattimes on X for all things Gang, all the time.

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