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The Gutter Cat Gang's vibes are high as OG members return to the streets of Gutter City and rejoin the Gang!

Following Mayor Noah's recently inked deal to acquire Gutter Labs' assets, OGs are returning to their roots, excited by the potential of new leadership and their love of the brand.

"This Cat was my personality for over a year and a half. There wasn’t a day that went by in the last year where I didn’t think about him...want to give a huge shout out to @mauloadream for bringing life back into a community that will always be near and dear to my heart. Gutter made me who I am today. So you know I had bring back Raf. This time I can say, he will be staying with me forever. Gang Gang," tweeted Raf (@notrafsburner). He showed off his 5-Trait Cat, #2258, with Silver Fur, Green Eyes, Stubble, Beanie, and a Yellow Background. Check out the link below:

Raf told the Gutter Cat Times, "It feels great to be back. Being an OG in the Gang, I’ve always missed the community. Glad to see it thriving again and moving in the right direction."

Another notable and beloved GCG member that found his way home is @Stoniphantom, who goes by Hella.eth.

As the Gutter Cat Times previously reported, Stoni joined the Gang in August, 2021, and quickly became a strong magnet for the community, creating visibility for the brand.

He recently tweeted, "I'm back home...for all my dawg. Thank you for bringing me back home @davekebo." Stoni is repping Gutter Dog #1363, a 5-Trait pup with Silver Fur, Blue-Green Eyes, Diamond Hoop Earring, Gold Bone Necklace, and a Blue Background.

Stoni said, "Coming back to GCG and rocking the PFP is like finally returning back to that one ex that was so fine and bad all you’ve been doing is thinking about what you'd do different if you had one more shot."

He told the GCT, "There was some unfinished business and untapped potential. What I’m looking forward to is helping to push the brand forward. I’m here to help. Not a lot of brands or people get a second shot at redemption… let make this count! Gang gang!"

OG Mac (@maccurated) has also returned to the Gutter, recently tweeting, "the comeback. Gang Gang, @mauloadream. We all went home to the gutter on the back of this huge news!"

Mac explained, "It feels great to be back repping the Cats again. The art is unmatched. I also feel a lot more connected to the PFP knowing there is a leader that is grinding for the Cats."

He also said that communication will be key: "I’m hoping Noah keeps up the communication that he has been so good at over the first week and that he keeps executing like the elite businessman he is - web2 model into web3 product and strategy," he said.

Mac's looking forward to where Noah can lead the Gang: "In my opinion there is no project with the same potential that Gutter has right now. Let Noah cook! Gang Gang!"

0tis (@0tis) made his return with OG Cat #1889, tweeting, "Someone told me it was Gang Gang season again??"

He told the GCT, "I'm excited to be back in the community that was my first in NFTs, and the only one that felt like home. For a while I was one of the biggest holders of GCG. When the relationship with the Founders and community frayed, I became disenchanted and sold off all my holdings, exiting NFTs entirely. But man, it’s pretty fucking cool to be back, even if in a smaller way (for now). G-M-F-G!"

0tis is hopeful for the future of the Gang, believing that the Gang needs a leader who is in touch with, and part of, the community: "you can see it being repaired right before your eyes," he said.

Welcome back to the Gutter!

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to bring you news of the GCG community, and all things Gutter, all the time. Follow us @guttercattimes on Twitter for more.

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