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LIGHTS, CAMERA, GUTTER: GCG Kingpindao Talks GTVPrimetime, Storytelling, & Future Films

Gang Gang from the Gutter!

On Monday, the Gutter Cat Gang got a sneak peek at a project bringing high-end animation down to the gutter.

GCG members kebo.eth (@davekebo), TurhanTroyCaylak (@TroyCaylak), and Anaroth (@Anaroth__) came together to talk about the Gutter's next animated film, how to attract a wider audience via storytelling, the addition of a Bored Ape, and what's next for GTVPrimetime's future.

As many in the Gutter know, the GCG Kingpindao has been collaborating with Atrium to create animated short films. The first one debuted in September, 2022, and showed Gutter dogs in Gutter City dining at McGutters.

Today, kebo.eth explained that the Kingpindao is currently creating "a follow-up animation -- a 1 min, 3-D animation with a Gutter Cat and a Bored Ape."

He joined GCG early and was excited that he could "own his IP." He bought cats based on ones he vibed with and ones he "could build characters around." Kebo emphasized the power of community, saying: "if he sees a profile picture with a Gutter Cat, that's my homie...I feel connected to them."

TurhanTroyCaylak added that "a big studio" had reached out to them and that they're working to make these stories and characters a "household name." This means that the focus is on creating compelling stories that people outside of the web3 space can relate to.

Anaroth shared that when he "joined web3 he started with Gutter Cat Gang," and as the Head of Community at Atrium, he seeks to connect visual effects creators with people who want to develop animated stories. He said that they are working to "create the content that they want to watch," but also engage with a broader audience. He sees a strong market and audience in the stories on GTVPrimetime: "Creating a Pixar-quality animated story is well within reach."

Additionally, Troy, who got in early into the Gang, explained that he and kebo originally connected over developing the Gutter Cat Gang comics. GTVPrimetime is an extension of the stories that they've been living in the Gutter community. As a Hollywood writer of over 30-years, he's excited to build with the GCG community, and would like to onboard more studios into web3.

Anaroth added that creating "great content" is essential to "getting Hollywood's attention." The initial Gutter animated film is an example of that kind of "relatable story," that people outside of web3 can connect with. Kebo mentioned that he knew the first film "hit" and was good when he "showed it to a friend" who's "not web3 at all," and he "cracked up the whole time."

In looking ahead to the next animated stories, they will bring back the dogs from the first animation. A cat, Blaze Johnson, will be introduced, and Troy's ape will "be a main character."

They see community as key to contributing and are working on ways for GCG members to have their NFTs included in future episodes.

Stay tuned to @guttercattimes for additional details on GTVPrimetime and the new Gutter animated story.

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