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Gutter TV Shares New Gang Character for Animated Short!

Gang Gang and Happy Caturday from the Gutter!

There's news on the streets about the AtriumNFT x @Kingpindao collaboration that the Gutter Cat Times reported on two weeks ago.

Today, @AtriumNft, a blockchain-backed creative studio and artist platform, took to Twitter to share a Caturday update for the GCG and @Kingpindao, a collective of the Gutter's largest holders.

AtriumNft tweeted, "We want to show some early progress images for Blaze Johnson, the first of two characters in the upcoming animated short for @GTVPrimetime." AtriumNft said that they will continue to provide updates as additional information emerges. They added that they will also "share some concept art" and reveal another character soon!

As GCG members might remember,

in September 2022, @GTVPrimetime put out a rad animated 2 min and 18 second clip that showed Gutter dogs in Gutter City dining at McGutters.

The clip has over 17k views as of this writing, and ends with ominous music and a focus on a poster with a masked, fat rat that says, "Beware the Gutter Guzzler."

The @guttercattimes will continue to follow @Atriumnft and the new @GTVPrimetime characters. What does the Gang think about Blaze Johnson? Gang Gang!

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