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IT'S ALIVE: Gutter Cat Gang Claws Back From The Grave This Spooky Season!

Tails of the Gutter Cat Gang's demise have been greatly exaggerated as the Gang's new Mayor helped to bring the Gang back from its "catatonic" state!

Tapping into Gutter Cat Gang's well known artist, TJSART (@tjsnewwaveart), the Gang got a peek at a piece of art representing the Gutter's resurgence.

"The Resurrection of the Gutter" by @tjsnewwaveart. Announcing the return of Gutter Art. Supporting our creators is what we do in the Gutter. Make sure to follow TJ for the chance to mint this stunner for free. Happy Caturday Gang!" the Gutter Cat Gang account tweeted today.

TJSART shared in the thread that during a recent space, Mayor Noah (@mauloadream) said that he'd "love to see any artists in the community create a cat paw coming out of the ground to symbolize the comeback of the gutter."

He sketched out an idea and shared it with Noah, who was stoked and wanted to share with the community!

TJSART said, "I'm grateful to finally see GCG supporting creators again. I hope to see more GCG x artists collab for sure."

The Gang showed up with love on the TL for TJSART and the renaissance of Gutter Art!

FITZY.eth tweeted, "You just love to see it! Gutter art has been some of the sickest I've seen, so let's roll that thing back! GG." And MiddKid.eth wrote, "What is dead may never die! Amazing work."

The Gutter Cat Times will update the community on the opportunity to mint "The Resurrection of the Gutter," and future Gutter Art drops!

Follow along @guttercattimes on Twitter for all things Gang Gang.

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